5 Highly effective Ways to Quickly Create an Info-Product

One of the finest methods to make money on the web is to develop your own info-products to sell. No matter the type of business you operate, online or offline, there is enormous potential to earn additional income through selling digital information.

It can even be your core business model. But what if you don’t like to write? Don’t worry. There is more than one way to create an info-product. And the following ways won’t even cost you a dime in outsourcing.

1. Recorded Interviews

By interviewing a couple of professionals and generating audio recordings of those interviews, you’ll have an immediate product that demands very little effort on your part. Many people choose to download a recording onto their mp3 player and listen to it while they walk or drive in the car.

You can also have these recordings transcribed so that people who want to read the interview have that alternative also. One easy way to record these interviews is through Skype, but there are services for recording over a regular phone line as well.

2. Voice to Text

Some people just can’t type speedily or they think better out loud. For those of you who’d rather dictate your thoughts, there are recording software that will translate your voice straight into text. The most popular of these is called Dragon Naturally Speaking. Another option is Google Voice. All you’ll need to do afterwards is edit the transcription a bit to make sure there’s no misconception between you and the software!

3. Create Screen-cast Tutorials

Viewing how to do something on screen can be a far more powerful way to learn than reading about it. That’s just one of the reasons that there are millions of YouTube tutorials on the web. You can easily create a series of tutorials by recording yourself walking through the steps of a task on the screen.

You could use a free screen capture software such as Camstudio. Camtasia Studio is another popular software for creating and editing these types of videos.

4. Slideshow Videos

One of the easiest ways to make a video without a camera is to create a slideshow and then convert it to video format. If you already have PowerPoint on your computer, just pick a pretty template, add some interesting graphics or screen captures, add bullet points for your main points and then record yourself giving the presentation.

The free Open Office software can achieve the same thing. In addition, with the free Windows Live Movie Maker, you could just create a slideshow with images, put in some background music, and convert to video.

5. Let the Experts Do It for you

If you want a written product, another way to make one is to get professionals to do it for you – for free! Like the audio interview idea, you can ask people questions and have them send back the answers. Many busy experts even prefer this method.

It’s easy for them to just respond to a couple questions in an email right away than to start scheduling times to speak live. Just don’t go overboard with a ton of questions or they won’t necessarily answer you at all. When you have all the answers, all you have to do is compile them into a report with a brief intro and conclusion. You may even want to add your own thoughts.

Don’t let your detest of writing stop you from creating an info-product. Even if you do like to write, creating products in different forms of media will make them more interesting for the user. You’ll end up with a growing supply of material that you can use for sales, giveaways, opt-in incentives, or any other place you need content.

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Theodore Nwangene

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