10 Surefire Ways to Find Amazing Blog Post Ideas

Hey everyone, how was your weekend? Ok I wanna start this post with a question; have you ever sat down in front of your computer,blog post ideas knowing fully well that you have to write a blog post, but just don’t know what to write about?  I have equally experienced such a situation many times.  But despite this, somehow I always try to come up with new blog post ideas.


Therefore, i thought I would share some of the strategies I normally use to come up with a never ending flow of new blog post ideas.


I will like to make this post as concise as possible, so without wasting much of your time……


Find Great Blog Post Ideas in 10 Simple ways.


1. Read your past comments: If you allow your readers to be commenting on your posts which is highly recommendable, then this is a very good way to be coming up with steady flow of blog post ideas. You can simply take the questions asked by your readers and turn it into a full blog post.  Not only is this a great source of fresh ideas; it’s also a great way to interact directly with your community!  Using this strategy also ensures that your blog content is on target which means you’re given your audience what they want.


2. Read other blogs in your niche: One of the great and fast methods to get a fresh blog posts ideas is by reading other blogs in your niche. Most of us probably already read a few other blogs in our own particular niche; perhaps it’s time to expand a bit more. All you just have to do is to perform some Google search or check out sites like Technorati.com to find other sources of information in your market.


By simply looking at the headlines from 10 or so active blogs each day, you are sure to be inspired with topics to write about for your own site.



3. Read Related Forums: Another way to stay in touch with your niche is to be active on forums that are related to your niche.  In particular, if you take note of which threads are the most active you’ll find some great trending topics that people are interested in. Look for interesting questions they are asking and figure out a way to answer it by writing about it on your site.  The key is to get inside the head of those in your niche as much as possible to understand where they are coming from. One of such forums that I like a lot is warrior forum.


4. Write about yourself: Now I know most of you might be against this one, but I so much believe in it. Although, you don’t want to get carried away, but posting something about yourself or off-topic can be a good way to mix things up on your site. It’s good to let your readers know more about you so they can become more acquainted to you. You can write about the experiences you had in the past and what you learnt from them, it could be about what you plan to do in the future or what you’re doing at the moment. Just find a way to share with them about yourself ones in a while.


5. Share Interesting Stories: I’m sure we all like to read stories that will inspire us in one way or the other. When I was in high school, I could remember vividly when my English tutor use to tell us to write a story that ends with “From grass to grace”. Now, if you have a friend, or you’ve heard of someone that has done something extra-ordinary before to get to where he is at the moment, you can share with your readers what he did and how he did it so they can also learn from it.




One man that I know that does this very well is Yaro Starack of entrepreneurs-journey.com.


6. Move with a note pad: We all know that ideas can come to us at anytime, anywhere. So another great way to be getting new blog post ideas is by making sure you have a writing material with you anywhere you are, this is so that you can jot them down when they come to you. A friend of mine ones said that she has a bucket in her office where she stores all the ideas that comes to her, i can’t really remember the person that told me this.


She said that each time she is in her office or at any place and some ideas that can make a good blog post appears to her, she will just tear out a piece of paper, white it down, fold it and throw it inside the bucket. Whenever she ran out of what to write about, she will randomly pick a piece from the bucket, unfolds it and uses it as a new blog post.


7. Ask your readers: One other method I’ve seen so many blogs using is by asking your readers to tell you what they will like you to write about. One of the bloggers that is utilizing the power of this one is my friend Pauline Bennett  You can check out her blog to see what I’m talking about.


8. Follow up on previous posts: Following up on the posts you’ve written before can be another good alternative. All you just have to do is to break the posts by bits. For example, Enstine Muki just wrote a post like this on his blog when he wrote (Exceptional women share their blog traffic secrets)…………That is a 3 parts post, can you see what I mean now? I’ve also written something similar to that here in the past when I shared about How to build a wordpress blog.


The trick is, if you write a post that is up to say 2000 words, you can just break it into 3 parts and write it in series.


9. Think of your past challenges: This is really a very great way to find new blog posts ideas. Think of a particular challenge you’ve had before, it could be when a particular plugin on your blog gave you some headache or when your site was hacked by hackers, anything that gave you sleepless night that you were later able to solve.


Don’t you see that such can make an interesting post? It will teach your readers how to go about such predicament if they happen to encounter it.


10. Emails from your subscribers: Just like the comments, I’ve received many emails, questions and suggestions from my subscribers before that later turned into a blog post.


There you have it all.


Now is your turn to tell us.  Which other way apart from the ones here do you normally use to get fresh blog posts ideas? Please your comments on this will be much appreciated.


Also remember to share this post with your friends so it will help them as well.


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Theodore Nwangene

Theodore Nwangene is a full time Blogger and Freelance writer. He is the founder of many businesses among which is Top Blogging Coach where he teaches young and would be Entrepreneurs how to create a lasting Internet Business and quit their daily work. Visit his blog and learn many ways you can improve your blogging experience. Connect with him on Twitter and on Facebook.

Siegfried - February 18, 2013

well, for me the biggest thing is that I blog about the things I really (and i mean REALLY) like – the web itself. So there’s dozens of fresh ideas all the time. If I need even more, I just browse reddit or ask google about my categories (ie “best tools for something”).
Simple and effective
Best Regards!

    Theodore Nwangene - February 18, 2013

    I’m really impressed to hear that Siegfried,

    I can see you’ve already figured out how best to do it. Keep it up man.

    Thanks a lot for visiting my site and leaving your candid opinion.

Sapna - February 18, 2013

HI Theodore,

Great share!

Reading other blogs really helps a lot. It gives a fair bit of idea about what is missing there and how that can be fulfilled. Sharing interesting stories is the best one and people can relate to that very easily.

Thanks for sharing this.


anis - February 18, 2013

very nice tips given thanks for sharing good stuff here !

Adrienne - February 18, 2013

HI Theodore,

Those were a lot of great ideas that you’ve shared here. I remember back in the day when I struggled with what to write about. I was in a niche where you just kind of ran out of ideas. Guess that’s why I’m no longer in that niche.

As you know, I write about what I’ve learned for the most part. Now that can really be on any area not just the technical aspects of it. That’s really helped me so I definitely never run out of ideas because I’m always learning.

Thanks for sharing these with us and I know they’ll be a great help to others.


    Theodore Nwangene - February 18, 2013

    Hi Adrienne,
    I’m so glad to have you here indeed. One of the advice we’re often seeing online is to blog on a niche we’re passionate about, and one of the reason for that advice is so that we will never run out of what to write about. Maybe leaving that niche is a wise decision indeed. Happy you’ve discovered your true voice friend.

    Have a lovely week Adrienne.

Harleena Singh - February 19, 2013

Nice to be over at your blog Theodore!

Yes indeed, these are wonderful ways to get blog post ideas, especially during the time when we are just blank and nothing seems to strike us. 🙂

While I do follow most of these ideas, the best ideas come to me when I go for my morning walks and am one-to-one with nature, or when I am pursuing some of my other hobbies like cooking or listening to music. I guess depends from person to person – isn’t it?

Visiting other blogs, or simply going through Google and seeing the various topics related to your niche is an eye opener at times. Nevertheless, I personally feel the best ideas come that are closely related to us and our own personal experiences, which is what you can easily share with people – and you can’t write better than those 🙂

Thanks for sharing these with us. 🙂 Have a nice day 🙂

    Theodore Nwangene - February 19, 2013

    Welcome to my blog Harleena,
    I’m so impressed to have you here. I agree with you that finding blog post ideas depends on individual, the best thing is to find your own style and work with it.

    Thanks ones again for coming Harleena, hope to see you again.

    Have a wonderful week.

HP van Duuren - February 19, 2013

Those are indeed all great way’s to find Amazing Blogpost Ideas,

Since there already is lot’s to read on my Blogs, and have lots of ‘Interlinking’ making it possible to spend lot’s of time reading posts…, I don’t post that frequent,
also that way keeping my posts pretty – Exclusive – 😉

When I do write new posts, one of the things that I also sometimes do is to just write about some of my previous posts combined with some new insights and make it into a new post. Combined with Comments & Replies from readers it can become something new and interesting to read or something that can inspire for other – Crispy Fresh – New Blogposts.

Koundeenya - February 19, 2013

Hey Theodore!

This is really an interesting read.

I mostly prefer writing a post series and so I don’t generally run out. Even if I don’t publish them together, I note the titles down on a paper so that I won’t lose them ever again. I think, saving ideas on a piece of paper whenever we get, should also be included to the list. It really helps.

Thanks for sharing.

    Theodore Nwangene - February 19, 2013

    Welcome to my blog Koundeenya,
    That’s really another great point indeed, never thought of that before. Thanks for coming to my blog and for remind me of that awesome point. Hope you’ll come again.

Lisa - February 19, 2013

Theodore, I think you covered just about everything with this one. I love doing follow up posts as things change rapidly in SEO, social and blogging.
I’m like Harleena in that I find ideas as I go for a walk outdoors too. It helps to clear up my mind. Those ideas are usually the interesting stories type of posts. Thanks for sharing these tips!

    Theodore Nwangene - February 19, 2013

    That’s interesting Lisa,
    Following up on your previous posts is really a very good idea and I’m happy you’re also doing that. Thanks for visiting my blog Lisa, really appreciate. Wishing you more blog post ideas.

Enstine Muki - February 19, 2013

Hey bro,
In fact my next post is based on an idea I got reading through comments on another blog. Nice tips you have shared.

BTW, Right now I’m at Lagos but will be traveling back in about 48 hours 😉

    Theodore Nwangene - February 19, 2013

    Wow Enstine,
    You’re in Nigeria? That’s amazing. When did you arrive? I’m very happy to hear that man. But unfortunately, I’m in Enugu and its very far from Lagos, i would have loved to see you but the 48 hrs will not be enough fro us to see.

    Hope you’re having a good time in Nigeria? I will send you a mail now.

rahul - February 19, 2013

very nice tips i like it that give me more ideas thanks for sharing..

Chadrack - February 19, 2013

Hi Theodore,

These are really good ways of coming up with content ideas. I use most of these all the time and also use Siegfried’s tactic to “refine” what I write about. However, my biggest problem is really finding the time to put together content. Thanks for sharing this.

    Theodore Nwangene - February 19, 2013

    I do have such problems too Chadrack,

    We just have to try as much as possible to be making out some time to do what we’re suppose to do. Thanks my man for coming and leaving your own opinion.

    Wishing us more free time

Sue Neal - February 19, 2013

Hi Theodore,

This is a fantastic list – I use all of these strategies. Also, like Harleena and Lisa I often get inspiration when I’m out in the fresh air – in my case, walking my dogs.

I’ve also picked up ideas from things in the news, or in newspapers and magazines or other books – fiction or non-fiction. As you say, it’s crucial to keep a notebook handy to jot down ideas that occur to you so you don’t forget them.

A really helpful post, which I will definitely share – thank you!


    Theodore Nwangene - February 21, 2013

    Hey Sue,
    Thanks a lot for those kind words. I’m equally happy you have your own way of doing it which is a no brainier. I will also appreciate the share. Thanks for coming Sue

buy steroids - February 20, 2013

Nice! How can I sign up for RSS to your blog? Thanks!

Donna Spears - February 20, 2013

Participating in some other forums is something I hate about because they usually put new registrations under Admin approval and sometimes it takes to long before they give you an email.

    Theodore Nwangene - February 21, 2013

    I agree with you Donna,
    But its not all forum that does that if i must say, I’ve never had such issue with warrior forum. Thanks for coming to my blog Donna. Really appreciate your visit.

Khaja moin - February 20, 2013

Hi Theodore,

I wrote something similar post yesterday.

All of the ideas you listed here are awesome mate!


Atish Ranjan - February 20, 2013

nice write up mate. My sources of ideas are reading blogs in my niche, comments on my older posts and some time my personal life’s experience. 🙂

Tv and magazines can work also if you are in tech niche.

how to find ppl on tumblr - February 24, 2013

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Sarah Park - February 24, 2013

Most of my ideas when writing come from the comments I receive from my readers. I always get a hint on what they want to read more and know more about.

    Theodore Nwangene - February 25, 2013

    Hi Sarah,
    Thats a very good strategy indeed and that is one of the best ways to write because you will be giving them exactly what they want. Thanks for the visit Sarah.

Robbi Lanna - February 24, 2013

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nevena petrusic - February 27, 2013

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nevena petrusic - February 27, 2013

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Dan Black - March 2, 2013

This is a wonderful post. I contribute my personal growth (reading, listening to audio, getting around like minded people, attending conferences, being mentored) to getting a lot of the initial ideas for blog posts. I also make sure to keep a pen & paper or my phone app. Evernote around to capture my thoughts.

I think your point about reading the comments is right one. I have gained a lot of post ideas from reading the wisdom and insights from the people who comment on my and other blogs.

    Theodore Nwangene - March 4, 2013

    Hey Dan,
    I agree with all the points you made here indeed. Reading your comments can really give you an idea of what to write about.

    Thanks for the visit man

harish - March 5, 2013

really very useful tips .these tips are very helpful for me!!!!!!thanxx for sharing such helpful Post .

Adolfo Krain - March 5, 2013

Hi, I think that I saw you visited my website thus I came to “return the favor”.I am attempting to find things to improve my website!I suppose its ok to use a few of your ideas!!

Christeen Matherne - March 5, 2013

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nevena petrusic - March 6, 2013

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Shardy - March 7, 2013

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Maria - May 24, 2016

Peculiar article, totally what I wwas looking for.


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