Why Authority Sites are Winning the Web (Infographic)

I want to share with you today an awesome infographic i saw last week at trafficgenerationcafe.com. I’m sure you will like it too. I don’t really know how to create an infographic yet, but i like sharing with my readers the ones i see that i think will also interest you.

But in case you don’t like that and you want me to stop doing it, please let me know in the comment section. Hope you will enjoy this one too. Lets go….



Source: trafficgenerationcafe.com via Ana Hoffman | on Pinterest



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I saw this infographic very interesting and will also want to know what you think about it. Your comments and opinions are very welcomed.

Thanks for checking it out and do have a great weekend too.

Theodore Nwangene

Theodore Nwangene is a full time Blogger and Freelance writer. He is the founder of many businesses among which is Top Blogging Coach where he teaches young and would be Entrepreneurs how to create a lasting Internet Business and quit their daily work. Visit his blog and learn many ways you can improve your blogging experience. Connect with him on Twitter and on Facebook.

Harleena Singh - April 4, 2013

Thanks for sharing this infographic, Theodore!

I think it is common sense to follow the leader and team up with experts to get exposure and attention. I see bloggers doing that, and it’s the right way. The experts get followers, the followers get leaders; one gets traffic the other gets authority in exchange, so it’s a fair exchange. And, blogging is all about give and take, sharing and helping, isn’t it?

Having experts with authority to guest blog for you is really a wonderful thing. I’ll conclude that blogging is not dumb, instead it’s the best thing that has happened to the Internet, and it is a way to empower people and bring the world closer. Money is a byproduct, which will come if you do the other things right. Right? 🙂

    Theodore Nwangene - April 4, 2013

    It will definitely come if you do the right things Harleena,
    I also agree with you that its good to follow the leader and then team up with an expert in order to get exposure and attention.

    And yes, its a give and take affair indeed. Blogging is not dumb in my opinion too, maybe they made a mistake somehow on that sentence.

    Thanks for coming Leena and do have a great weekend.

Marta - April 4, 2013

Well done infographics! Thanks for the share, stuck reading/looking at it for more than 15 min) very interesting statistics

Chadrack - April 4, 2013

Hi Theodore,

I must say, this is something that bloggers should take real serious. I did a post last week on this issue title: Hey Blogger, Please Quit! That post caused a whole lot of debate on LinkedIn where I shared it.

I really think it’s time bloggers re-evaluate their strategies and approach. In all my life online I have not seen any other group of online marketers who are as hard working like bloggers but they are the least getting any good returns on their investment of time and resources.

This graphic kind of focus on driving traffic from authority sites. That is good. I’ll say many bloggers are really doing this because some of them can be regarded as authority sites. I think the problem is in the approach and mentality of bloggers. Many who responded to that post on LinkedIn were short of calling my names for daring to write such a piece! They simply believe you could give and give and give and never expect anything back because to them that is spirit of the internet.

But I’m a believer in the saying, give and it shall be given unto you! Frankly, we are not a charity organization, we are in business. It bears down to running your blog as a business but knowing how to strategically use your content to drive traffic that will pay you.

    Theodore Nwangene - April 4, 2013

    Hi Chadrack,
    You really said it all. Its quite surprising that in spite of all our efforts, we’re still getting the least returns on our investment, its really heart broken man.

    And yes, i also agree with that school of thought that says Give and it shall be given unto you. I think i also read that post of yours man. But i seriously believe that we can make a difference or don’t you think so?

    Thanks for an informational comment bro.

      Chadrack - April 4, 2013

      My man, I’ve actually been studying this for some time now and that is why I’ve decided to not listen to most of the “rule” many bloggers try to set up. Don’t do this on your blog, do this every time, etc.

      I was in a conversation in the comment section with one blogger some time ago because in her post she tried to write about some things that bloggers like John Chow and others who now very successful are doing. I tried pointing out to her that if these people are doing so well then there is something they are doing right. Unfortunately, even when she agrees with this, she went to say that these bloggers do not care about connecting with other bloggers that building connections is more than going for the money. That they discussed this in master mind group just recently and this was their opinion!

      To me, building connections is a good thing but you must remember you are not online to socialize. It is business networking. If that connection is not taking to your goals, it is nothing.

      I do know all of us are not online for the same reason that is why I also made a post sometime ago that you need to make your own rules. The scripture tells me, to every labor is there is a gain, and a laborer is worthy of his pay! 🙂

        Theodore Nwangene - April 4, 2013

        Oh my man,
        Don’t know how to qualify this comment at all. I’ve also made up my mind to stop listening to those advice.

        I was reading a book the other day and i saw a sentence that said…..Don’t pay much attention to people’s opinion, always focus on the fact. That word alone got me thinking, and that’s exactly the same point you’ve just raised here.

        Although it can be somehow annoying to see your comments or questions not attended to. But even if people like John are no longer interested in building relationships or they are too busy to respond to there readers, i think the best thing they should have done is hire a VA for that. Its obvious they can afford it. Believe me, those little things are the most important in some cases.

        And yes, all of us are not here for the same reason and, its good we all know our various reasons.

        I also agree to that scripture quote man, really can’t agree more.

        Thanks for your wonderful response.

        BTW: I just added you to one awesome group on Facebook, wait for them to approve you, I’m sure you will like it.

Emmanuel - April 4, 2013

Hi Theodore,
Reading infographics is one thing I really find it difficult to understand. Should I read from up to down or vice versa?

    Theodore Nwangene - April 4, 2013

    Hahaha Emmanuel,
    Funny you man. Of cause, you should read from up to down. If you calm down and pay much attention to it, you’ll certainly understand it man.

    Thanks for coming.

Tim Bonner - April 4, 2013

Hmmm, that’s not a great statistic is it? 81% of bloggers don’t make more than $100…

I think it’s going to take hard work and quite a bit of luck for things to take off in our blogging careers Theodore.

I started with some Fiverr gigs recently but I had to decline one because my daughter was ill and I had no time to do it. That gave me an automatic bad mark against my name. Seems a shame because of the circumstances.

I stopped all of my gigs because of it as I was quite annoyed but I’ll maybe try again in a couple of weeks with Fiverr.

    Theodore Nwangene - April 4, 2013

    You never can tell Tim,
    That stat might be correct, though I’m not so sure.

    I’m happy to hear that you’ve stated taking up on Fiverr man. So what are the services you’re offering over there?

    Wow, you daughter was ill? How is she now? I hope she is now better.

    Please extend my regards to her. Wishing her a fast and full recovery.

    Don’t worry, you can always get back when all is well.

    Thanks for coming too and have a great weekend.

Ryan Biddulph - April 4, 2013

Hi Theodore,

What a cool infographic. I was a dingbat for a long time. I ignored the law of success: connect with successful people, work together, become successful. People on their way up either learn about the concept of leveraging and mutually beneficial relationships, and succeed. Or they ignore these lessons and fail. I fell into the second crowd for a long time.

Make in impact. Do your best job at all times, whether you are writing on your blog, or on a friend’s blog, or on an authority blog. Seek out the pros, do your best, catch their eye, work together, and in time, people begin to see you as a pro too…pro by association, and of course, because of the top shelf comment you churn out.

Thanks Theodore,


    Theodore Nwangene - April 4, 2013

    Welcome to my blog Ryan,
    I’m very pleased indeed to have you here. It is really of utmost important to connect with the authorities if you really wanna be like them. That’s why there is a saying that you should move with the people you want to be like.

    I’m sure you’ve realized that now. Now, go and start making those awesome connections man.

    Thanks a lot for taking the time to visit my blog and also for leaving this great comment. Thanks too for sharing the post, I hope i will be seeing you here more often.

    Theodore Nwangene - April 4, 2013

    BTW: Is the lady you’re holding on your blog your wife?

    She is pretty indeed.

Neamat Tawadrous - April 5, 2013

Hi Theodore,
I think it is a cool infographic.

Yes, we need to follow the leaders who walked the road before us and overcame the obstacles and setbacks and still succeeded. Following the leaders, we will learn from them and avoid their mistakes.

Yes, blogging is all about give and take, sharing and helping. Money is a byproduct, which will come if we do things right.

Thanks Theodore for such a great infographic.

Be Blessed,


siegfried - April 5, 2013

good infographic, thanks for sharing.
there is something in connecting to the right people, I am 100% sure about it
best regards!

Saanvi - April 6, 2013

This was a very informative post. I have recently launched a web venture and I believe that first impressions are paramount and content is king. As a small independent publisher, I know I am up against major players with deep pockets and large workforces. Having the help of resourceful people like you will keep me in the game. I can only hope that my personal finances will allow me enough time to use your good advice to my advantage. It truly amazes me how fast the web is growing. I will try and keep up. Thank you.

    Theodore Nwangene - April 7, 2013

    Hi Saanvi,
    Thanks a lot for all the compliments. And believe me, you can certainly do it even more than you think. The main thing is that you’ve started it and don’t ever plan of giving up no matter what difficulties you might encounter along the way.

    And i want you to know that i will always love to help you in any way that i can therefore, don’t ever hesitate to reach out to me whenever you need my help

    To your success Saanvi and thanks so much for the visit.

Ana Hoffman - April 7, 2013

Glad I was able to find it for you, Theodore!

    Theodore Nwangene - April 7, 2013

    You sure did Ana,
    And i really appreciate it. Thanks for taking your time to find it and for also coming to my blog. Have a great week ahead.

Mary Stephenson - April 7, 2013

Hi Theodore

Very cool infographic. We always learn so much better with pictures, it gives us things in our minds that remain with us because of the pictures.

I think the rate of people making money averages out because there are so many sites started and dropped after no money. If all is averaged in to the equation I can see that it would be that way. How many sites have we started and abandoned, yet we are still here? Would that number be part of the overall picture?

I agree though we need to build our authority or we will drown on this platform.


    Theodore Nwangene - April 7, 2013

    You’ve spoken well Mary,
    I’m also very good with pictures. Yes, we really need to build our authority or we will get drowned by the lions in the industry.

    Thanks for coming

Adrienne - April 8, 2013

Thanks for sharing this infographic Theodore! I hadn’t been over to Ana’s place so I would have missed this one.

Blogging is NOT dumb! Now I do know that we continue to get more and more competition as time goes by but I also truly believe that there are just as many people throwing in the towel and giving up. So although they might be around for a bit, they don’t stick around.

Now it’s only smart to team up with others who have authority in their niche. I agree with that and it’s really pretty cool when they start contacting you too! It’s kind of like you know you’ve made it.

Learning from them and following on their coat tails is really the smartest move for any up and coming blogger but at the same time you really have to be here to help your readers and not just here for the money. We all know what happens with you have that frame of mind.

Thanks for sharing this infographic though! Great way to get attention wouldn’t you agree?

Enjoy your week now.


Michael Belk - April 9, 2013

Theodore, very interesting. I do not know how to make a quality inforgraphic either. I understood all this information.

This is a very good analogy of what happens on the blogosphere.

I really like the facts of 81% of bloggers only making 100.00 dollars. I agree with that.

Dan Black - April 9, 2013

What a great Infographic!

When it comes to winning online it’s all about finding and staying in a niche area. When we do this we become experts in our niche and gain influence with others which in time results in potential streams(books, products, memberships) of income.

Sapna - April 9, 2013

HI Theodore,

My apologies for being late on this post, was busy on some Freelance project.
You know yesterday I was having discussion with very good friend of mine, he said he intends to earn $350 in one year time….I was shell shocked….I said if you’re earning this much in a year…..you probably give up blogging now, try for some job as you’ll earn much better in some software job.

Feedback from some of fellow bloggers and now your infographic, had made me realize that one post per week is best option and at the same time earning from some freelancing work is best what I’ve been doing.

You’ve shared something very much an eye opener for many.


    Theodore Nwangene - April 9, 2013

    No problem at all Sapna,
    I understand how busy we can be sometimes. And yes, i love your route, you really have to be doing those freelancing jobs to keep the ball rolling. Thats really impressive.

    What’s your main job?

    Thanks for coming.

Sue Neal - April 9, 2013

A lovely infographic, Theodore – thanks very much for sharing it. It highlights the importance of producing credible, high quality content and working hard at networking in order to develop authority in your niche – which obviously isn’t going to happen overnight. It takes time and effort, and that’s why so many bloggers fall by the wayside.


Maricel Santos - April 19, 2013

I like the infographs so much as coz i think one can explain things better by using infographs with the content.Nice one.


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