Why Freelance Writers Score More on Quality Than In-House Writers

If you are planning to endorse your ongoing business to the outer world, you need to represent it in an impressive manner and for this purpose, you are strictly required to hire a well-known content writer for the service.

This is the era of endorsements and entrepreneurship, so if you want to take your business to the heights, it is important to spread out the information about it to the right ears.

I guess, the days are gone when the newspapers, television or radio were the only things that people used to endorse their business. Today, the world revolves around one word ‘The INTERNET’.

Digital marketing can lead your business to the next level.

Everyone, visiting your brand’s website, will first go to the ‘about us’ section, for what you need to have a good content writer for the purpose.

Next question arises in the mind is, you should opt an in-house content writer or freelancer. The answer is, you should hire professional freelancers (available in the market) they will offer high-quality content.

To have an in-house content writer, undoubtedly, would have some advantages. But its disadvantages in comparison are relatively more.


Let’s discuss eight most crucial reasons why it is preferable to rely on freelance writers instead of in-house content writers for quality content.

1. Variations in The Content

To have an in-house content writer is not a bad thing but if you prefer a single writer for all the content associated with your brand you would found the content little dull. The style of writing of everyone can never be identical. Some prefer to use the words artistically whereas some prefer to make their content simple and straight.

If you hire a writer from some outside source, he/she will create content for your brand to be very interesting and fresh. This would result increase the number of your visitors on your website.

Professional content writers do not mix any magical solution to their contents, the little variation by their creativity bring the freshness in their articles which force the readers to stop through your website. They use different words to give a new and crafted look to the article that allures more and more of people and increases the traffic on your website.

2. Capitalize your budget

If you hire a freelance writer from content selling websites you only need to pay is just for the write-up. You’re asking for one article and you will just pay the specific price for this specific article.


But if you still want to have an in-house writer, remember one thing, you could have to pay a big amount to them sitting in your office for 8-9 hours.

3. Acquire scalable services

Sometimes the condition is born, when there is a great need of one article on an urgent basis. But your in-house content writer is absent at the moment due to certain reasons.

In such situations, freelance content writers are your last hope who can help you get rid of your troubles. You can even ask a freelance content writer at the eleventh hour and if he will be okay with your price, you would, in time, get your requirements fulfilled.

4. Get an expert and professional writer in a particular niche

It is not obvious that your in-house content writers are well acquainted with every niche. He might be good in drafting technical contents but poor in entertainment and lifestyle.

None can be good with almost every niche, everyone has his/her own scope of specialization.

Search a specific content writer from outside who has expert knowledge of the field, you are hiring him for.

5. Remain motivated

If you get your content written from outside, it will let you remain excited enough about your business and its outgoings. Putting special efforts for employing the best content writer for your content creation, also help you increase your creativity level as well.

When you ask the selected writer and tell him about your business needs and the kind of content you require, it also enhances your energy bar high. You transfer your creativity vibes to the writer which helps him create a great content.

If you deal with the same in-house content writer every time, it becomes little dull as well as boring to work with. On the other hand, when you analyze, select and examine the content from a fresh content writer the whole scenario of the work becomes different.

6. Value for your money

If you search for a content writer form content selling websites, you get the affirmation to find the best content writer who is well skilled with SEO strategies as well as SEO optimization.

These are, not just words, the result will be in front of you soon. As a result, your website gets more visitors, more traffic and more profit to your business within days. The writers who are working on content selling websites are professionals, they know how to write an engaging and appealing article.

Being familiar with the marketing strategies they write in the manner that would endorse your brand to the world in the right way.

7. Share content with greater reach

If the content writer you hired has his own blog, you can ask him to share your content on his blog. The content writers can create very impressive social media posts that could help endorse your associated brand to high extents.

When more people will drive towards your business and it will enhance traffic to your website.

When your content will be drafted with good social media reach, it will definitely, get some extra perks to endorse you on a bigger level.

An in-house content writer will certainly not offer you these things.

8. Get a wide variety of contents

You can find innumerable content writers on the content selling websites who can create the content on different subjects with the greatest possible perfection. They will offer you wide variety of contents with an utmost quality.

Final Words

As a human being, it is much laborious for an in-house writer to know every language. He might have the command over certain languages but will be unable to do translation works.

That is, why it is the need of time to hire outside writers from content selling websites because you will get innumerable writers each having his/her own specialization.

Author Bio:

Maninder Singh, a professional and creative content writer at Just Articles. He is working as a freelancer past 4 years. His specialization is to write a poem, poetries and make creative taglines for brands.

Theodore Nwangene

Theodore Nwangene is a full time Blogger and Freelance writer. He is the founder of many businesses among which is Top Blogging Coach where he teaches young and would be Entrepreneurs how to create a lasting Internet Business and quit their daily work. Visit his blog and learn many ways you can improve your blogging experience. Connect with him on Twitter and on Facebook.

Shantanu Sinha - October 17, 2017

Hello Maninder,

Great tips over here 🙂

Indeed getting a freelancer who can get the work done on behalf of us is something good to have. One can get to their
deadline even if they are enjoying on a family vacations. These days, there are lot of people who are wiling to work
as a freelancer just to gain experience and they can get us a superb content on a reasonable amount of money.

yeah when we work, then it is probably that people can not have all the information by their own, they can not perfect
every field. Thus its always good to go for a helping hand, who can work from their side and get their problem solved out.

Thanks for the share.


    Maninder Singh - October 21, 2017

    Hello Shantanu!Thanks for reading and appreciating the post and also for sharing some great points from your side.

Vijendra Singh - November 5, 2017

Nice post dear. Freelancers know that they are being paid for performance not for the time the spend in writing.


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