Long Tail Pro: The Best Keyword Research Tool Ever

Long Tail Pro

I told you about Long Tail Pro sometime ago but, I just wanted to use this opportunity to tell you more about it. As you may have know, I recently started studying everything there is in building niche sites and I also started a niche site public case study which I’m still on as I type this. While I was carrying out my research, I discovered that there is one similarity among all the people that are successfully building niche sites. As you know, I like telling you what i know is working and what is not.

There is one thing and one tool that all of them are using that is really giving them such an outstanding result. So what is this similarity? Like i said in my previous posts, the secret behind building successful niche sites lies on Keyword Research.

QUICK UPDATE: This is the 100th post I’m publishing on Top Blogging Coach and, I wrote most of the posts except few from guest authors. So far, I have 2800 comments so, I’m really happy for the result and therefore, I wanted to use my 100th post to tell you about a tool I’m really enjoying. Hope you don’t mind? Thanks.

The Secret Behind Their Niche Sites Success Is Long Tail Pro

Keyword Research is one thing you must never take lightly if you really want to build successful niche sites, the keywords you choose to target will always determine your destiny. And, one thing that will also help you on the process is having a good keyword research tool in place and from my own experience so far, the only tool I can vow for that will make all this a breeze for you is….. Long Tail Pro.

Read Jon Haver’s income report from his 10 months old new site

Today, the traffic and money lies on Long Tail Keywords because, search engines really love long tail keywords. And, if you are able to provide relevant contents targeting these long tail keywords, then you can see a tremendous rise to the amount of traffic Google and other search engines will send you. So, if your site can benefit in any way from search engines then, Long Tail Pro is your answer.

What are Long Tail Keywords?

Long Tail Pro

Specifically, long tail keywords are words or phrases that people types into search engines to find anything. For instance: Instead of searching for Weight Loss, you will rather search for How to lose 10 pounds at a stretch. This is just a little example of Long Tail Keywords.

You can check out this graph to find out more about Long Tail Keywords.

One thing that made long tail keywords golden is that, they are usually very easy to rank for and, they are also very much targeted and have a higher value. As you can see above, Weight Loss is a very broad and competitive keyword but, How to lose 10 pounds at a stretch is more targeted and, long tail keywords are also buying keywords.

So, if you can find such keywords using long tail pro then, you’re made because, you will be surprised at the amount of traffic and money search engines will give you.

The Man Behind Long Tail Pro

If you have noticed, there is one name I always mention on this blog whenever I’m talking about niche sites. This man has really made lots of money via niche sites and as I write this, he currently has over 200 niche sites that is making him thousands of $$$$$$ every month and its all the power of long tail pro.

The man I’m talking about is Spencer Haws. Spencer is the founder and owner of long tail pro. He is also the man behind Watch this video to see Pat Flynn using Long Tail Pro.  If you really want to learn how to create niche sites then, you must always visit his site because, he has lots of information their about the topic.

How Long Tail Pro Can Help You

Another thing that made long tail pro really exceptional from all the other keywords research tools out there is that it’s very simple to use and, all the other keyword tools allows you to put only one seed keyword at a time but, long tail pro allows you to put up to 5 or more seed keywords at a time thereby generating thousands of keywords.

I once used Market Samurai and found it really complicating. In fact, I couldn’t use it because, it’s difficult to understand the operation but with long tail pro, the reverse is the case. It saves you a lot of time thereby giving you original and guaranteed results.

Also, you can PRE-SET the filters for keywords you want to eliminate.  So, if you only want keywords that have 1,000 or more exact match searches and a Cost Per Click of $1 or more, the software will automatically filter those out for you.

And you can also save your settings, so you only have to input this once!  Again, most keyword tools don’t offer this pre-filter option (they only let you filter keywords after you generate them, which will add a step and significant time since you can only run 1 keyword at once).

And if you are building small niche sites, you will love the fact that you can automatically search for exact match domains.  As soon as your keywords are generated, the software will tell you with an easy to read green symbol if the domain is available or a red symbol if it’s taken. Isn’t that amazing?

Watch this short video to see long tail pro performing its work

Long tail pro also helps you to analyse a keyword competitors in Google which is one of the criteria you must check to know if the keyword is something you can go for. Long tail pro will show you the top 10 sites in Google that are targeting the keyword.

It will also show you the competing site’s domain authority, Page authority, Page rank, Juice page links, page links, Site’s age, Moz rank, Keyword Competition and many more.

Long Tail Keywords

All these are the metrics that will help you determine if the keyword is rankable.

Finally, long tail pro will also help you to check where your sites are ranking in Google, Bing and Yahoo so that you’ll know when and how to build more links in order to rank higher.  There is more to this tool that I can’t cover here, just go and get it and, you will never be disappointed.

Watch this video to see Pat Flynn using Long Tail Pro

As you can see, Long Tail Pro is really one of those tools you must not ignore, if you really want to become really good at keyword research then, you must go grab long tail pro now. You can also use it to offer keyword research services because, a lot of people are also finding it tedious to research for keywords so, you can make money from it.

The best part is, you can also download long tail pro and use it for 10 days in a trial mode before deciding if you want it. With the 10 days trial, you can also use all the wonderful features.

As you know, this is the first product review I’m writing on this blog since I started it and, this is because I’ve used this tool and can vow for its efficiency.


Note: I’m an affiliate to this tool so; I will get a little commission if you decide to purchase it from here and, I will also come back and thank you. Remember, my commission will not in any way affect the price you’ll buy it.

Now tell me, have you heard of this tool before and, are you using it already? How do you see it? Please, share your own view with us in the comment thread.

Also, if you enjoyed this review, please help spread the news by tweeting and sharing it with your friends.

Thanks and, happy new week.

Theodore Nwangene

Theodore Nwangene is a full time Blogger and Freelance writer. He is the founder of many businesses among which is Top Blogging Coach where he teaches young and would be Entrepreneurs how to create a lasting Internet Business and quit their daily work. Visit his blog and learn many ways you can improve your blogging experience. Connect with him on Twitter and on Facebook.

Enstine Muki - July 8, 2013

Excellent keyword tool bro and great review

BTW, congrats on your 100th post. It’s a great achievement isn’t it?

    Theodore Nwangene - July 8, 2013

    Thanks man,
    I really appreciate your assistance so far, i couldn’t have been where i am now if not for you guys :). Have you formatted your PC?

Harleena Singh - July 8, 2013

Hi Theodore,

Congratulations for your great achievements – 100th post – awesome indeed 🙂

This is one of the best reviews I’ve read about Long Tail Pro and the links, especially Pat’s video is awesome indeed. Although I never believe in any tool as such as we do have Google Adwords, but I do know that there is a major difference in the free and paid ones as people tell me.

Yes, I’ve been keep track of this tool but was always a little confused whether it was a better choice over Market Samurai, and even asked a few top bloggers who have been using both and they vouched for Market Samurai somehow, which was one reason I never went ahead with either of them. In certain areas that does better, while the latest trend seem to go with Long Tail Pro, while a third group prefers something else altogether. So, a lay person always does get confused – isn’t it? It’s still on my mind, and if I ever do plan to go in for this one, I’d surely be using your link dear friend.

Thanks for sharing this with us. Have a nice week ahead 🙂

    Theodore Nwangene - July 8, 2013

    Thanks a lot Harleena,
    I’m happy you enjoyed the review. Yea, I’ve been in your position sometime ago, i think last year precisely. I was thinking of buying Market Samurai but, after downloading the free trial version, i found it rather confusing and complicating and, i was unable to make use of it until the trial version expired.

    Now, I’m not saying its bad but, i think i prefer Long Tail Pro because of its much features over Market Samurai and the other ones out there. Like, you can enter up to 20 seed keywords at a time to search for but with Market Samurai, you only have to search one seed keyword at a time making the whole process rather tedious and time consuming.

    What i will suggest is that you download a free version of both Market Samurai and Long Tail Pro and then, try the two of them before making your own preference. But, I’m sure you will like LTP and please, use my link if you decide to purchase :).

    And, i will also help you to set things up in any way.

    Thanks a lot for stopping by Harleena, have a pleasant week :).

Oluwaseun Babajide - July 8, 2013

Hi Theodore.
Congrats on your 100th post! This is definitely a very detailed review. This will help all of us!
Proud of you son. 🙂

Pawan - July 8, 2013

Hi Theodore,

I’ve been using Google Keyword Research tool for most of the time to filter down keywords. I know it’s not the best one when you compare it with other premium softwares like this one but it does most of the job which is required for basic analysis and research.

And, congratulations on writing 100th post on topbloggingcoach.com. I look forward to seeing a lot of awesome articles such as this one.

    Theodore Nwangene - July 8, 2013

    Thanks a lot Pawan,
    There are many other keyword research tools out there and, the Google adword tool is also a very good one but, you just have to try Long Tail Pro man, I’m sure you will fall in love with it at once:).

    The features are many and, it will really make it very easy for you compared to the free adword tool. Just download the trial version and give it a shot man and then, come back here and tell me what you think.

    Thanks for stopping by man :).

Charan Pammi - July 9, 2013

Longtail pro is one of the best tool to find exact keywords with high CPC. Micro niche sites have been using this technique in past days. Now it became popular and will earn lots of bucks to your pockets

Saanvi - July 11, 2013

Excellent Post . keywordeye is definitely a good one but I was not pleased with keywordspy and semrush due to the irrelevant stuff i get when I do a research. Although both say that they update on a regular basis, you find a lot of irrelevant or generic keywords(which include stop words), which may not be effective for your campaigns

Sneha - July 11, 2013

Outstanding Tools and review Thank you for sharing this post.

Pst Bless - July 12, 2013

Like i said in my previous posts, the secret behind building successful niche sites lies on Keyword Research. This is very true, i am a living testimony to that.

Vivek Baghel - July 12, 2013

Hi Theodore Nwangene,
Thanks for sharing this such a great article to know about Best Keyword Research Tool. Well before being aware about this tool I had been using Google ad words tool to Keyword Research. It is also a good tool to use & Millions people are using.

    Theodore Nwangene - July 17, 2013

    You’re right Vivek,
    I know and have also used the Google adword tool before and i must confess that its really amazing but, if you’re serious about keyword research then, you will have to give long tail pro a trial. Just download the trial version and you’ll see what it is made of.

    I like it because of its simplicity and its very easy and fast unlike the free ones.

Carlie Hamilton - July 14, 2013

Congrats on post no.100!!

I’ve used Market Samurai in the past and it was so slow. It was awkward to get from one section to the next. No way was I paying money for that. I’ve heard great things about Long Tail Pro. I don’t need it in my business right now, but if I did I would buy it in a heart beat.

    Theodore Nwangene - July 17, 2013

    Thanks Carlie,
    It has not been easy at all. And yes, i also dislike Market Samurai because of its slow and difficulty but, Long Tail Pro is really the best way to go. Just give it a shot when you’re ready for it, I’m sure you will like it.

    Thanks for the visit.

frank joseph - July 14, 2013

I agree with you, long tail pro keyword is one of the best keyword research tool ever produced. i use it and recommend it to anyone who want to take their online venture as a real business.

Tarun Jaitely - July 16, 2013

First of all congrats for completing 100 posts. It’s really a great achievement.
Long tail pro keyword tool is a must to have tool for affiliate marketers and bloggers who wants to target the new and powerful keywords. Nice review Theodore.

Dhiraj Das - July 17, 2013

Sounds like a pretty good tool, will give it a try, thanks for sharing

Vivek Baghel - July 17, 2013

Hi Theodore Nwangene,
I has been using Google keyword tool to Keyword Research for long time but I never try to move on another tool find keywords but I believe on your article summary & I would like to Top Blogging Coach tool to analyse keywords.

shantel - July 18, 2013

i have just finished my trial period of Long tail pro. i msut say it makes keyword research a less stressfull process. i will be purchasing it this week

Ryan Kaufman - July 21, 2013

Hi Theodore

Yes, I’ve been using LTP for a few months now, and it works great

It works for both mini sites and “authority” blogs… and it’s not just about uncovering long tail keywords, but also about finding key terms and phrases that others neglect or completely miss from targeting (“low competing”)

In my opinion, you should tackle niches where people are “buying” products and services, instead of creating AdSense or how-to sites… this way, you’re making more money with less traffic… and you’re not dependent on contextual ad targeting.

Does it make sense?

    Theodore Nwangene - July 22, 2013

    Thanks a lot Ryan,
    Long Tail Pro is really a great KWR tool and I’m glad you’re also using it. Yes, what you said really made a lot of sense in fact, i was also thinking about that and here, you’ve said it.

    I will certainly heed your advice. Thanks a lot for the visit man and, happy new week 🙂

Omoscowonder - September 12, 2013

Wonderful information here top blogging coach, blogging is really getting beautiful with tools like Long tail pro.
I really long this software, because it’s really awesome.


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