Proven Formula to make $24,999 Online in 30 Days Guaranteed

What was your thought when you saw this title?  if I were you, what will come to my mind immediately make moneyis……….ANOTHER LIES? But unfortunately, most people still believe and falls prey to this form of Hype, and that is because they are either lazy to work and therefore, searching for methods that will make them over night millionaire, or they are too myopic to see the truth. Of cause, I’ve also fallen prey to it in the past and so have many of us.


Well, if you actually clicked to read this post because of the headline, in other words, you want to make $24,999 in 30 days without working for it, then I’m very sorry to burst your bubbles because what I want to do is change your mindset and tell you the truth you may have not known before. I’m sorry though if I tricked you with my headline. But I advise you cool down and read this post to the end as I’m about to tell you what will shock you and everything I will say here today is based on personal experience.


You see, back in the days, it may be very possible to give in to such claims as it might actually work for you. That was when Blogging and Internet Marketing were less competitive. But today, such money no longer comes as easy as most people claims. You can actually make such amount by winning a visa lottery or by inheriting your father’s wealth if he is rich. The main point I want to make here is…….


There is no easy way to make money both off and online, if there exist such way, then it’s either illegitimate or it will not last. Smart Passive Income,


But it really baffles me that majority of the people are still fallen victims of hypes promising to make them overnight success without doing anything. How can you even think of that? It’s just like someone asking you to give him $100 and he will give you back $1000, if you believe him and actually gives him the money, then you’re also a thief.


See, I’m not trying to blame or criticize anyone here because I know we have all believe in such a thing in one way or the other before, but I think we should all rise and stop all this bullshits. When I was starting my own blogging career back in the days, I really lost huge amount of money trying to find the best deal, and I don’t want that to continue happening to others. I remember vividly when I invested $350 in one online company………www.diamondearnings.com. But what happened later? Of cause you guessed right, I lost the money. I don’t even know if that link is still click-able now.


That is just a part of the doughs I’ve lost before buying get rich quick eBooks, videos and so on and so forth which ended up being nonsense. Some will actually give you their fake products for free but you must join their mailing list first. As of yesterday, I have about 15,765 unread emails on my hotmail account. They keep on flooding my email with different hypes everyday to the extent that I no longer visits that account.


How many of you are familiar with these type of emails?


make money online



And this;


make money



You see what I mean? Believe me, all those things are fat lies


My friend A Big Fat Lie Bloggers Like To Tellalso wrote about such lies on her blog recently……………..A Big Fat Lie Bloggers Like To Tell

However, I’m not saying that you cannot make such dough from the internet, but what I’m saying is that it doesn’t come that easy. There are many sacrifices that you have to make in other to arrive there. And it will also take some time too. Think of someone like Pat Flynn form November income repor he stared blogging way back in 2008, now he makes up to $40 – 50,000 per month Check out his November income report to see what I’m talking about.


Also people like John Chow, Darren Rowse, Corbart Barr, Brian Clack and many others are all six figures per month earners all from the internet, but it took them years of hard labour,  consistency and commitment before they got to where they are today, so you need to be wise.




There is quite some significant amount of money to be made from the internet if you follow due process; all you need to know is that it doesn’t come within a blink of an eye. You must work for it in other to have it. You have to go back to the basics and learn how it’s being done. Just get rid of all the lies you’ve been told before and get to work.


Remember: The lazy and deceived man inside you has to die in other for the strong man to take place. Click to tweet.

We all need to sit up and face the reality man. If you really want to create a business online, you need to change what you’re doing at the moment and do something else. Henry ford defined insanity as Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different result. So start today. Know that it’s not easy neither is it a rocket science.


My advice is that you should find a mentor today so that he will help and put you on the right track.


It’s now your turn…. What is your own take on this? Has anyone of you encountered such claims before? And please if you enjoyed this post, tweet and share it with your friends so they will also learn the truth.


Thanks for reading and Happy Christmas in advance.

Theodore Nwangene

Theodore Nwangene is a full time Blogger and Freelance writer. He is the founder of many businesses among which is Top Blogging Coach where he teaches young and would be Entrepreneurs how to create a lasting Internet Business and quit their daily work. Visit his blog and learn many ways you can improve your blogging experience. Connect with him on Twitter and on Facebook.

Adrienne - December 18, 2012

Hey Theodore,

I admit when I first saw this headline I thought to myself, “no not Theodore promoting this crap”. Thank goodness it was just the opposite because I thought I was going to have to start worrying about you my friend.

You are right! All those headlines are just hype… What they fail to tell you when people make these types of income claims that these people probably are making this kind of money or they have but they left out the part that it took them four years or however long.

I am in a program right now learning from someone who makes six figures a month and he continues to share with us this same thing. If you want to build a sustainable business you’re going to have to actually work for it. It’s not really as hard as some people think but you will have to step outside your comfort zone and you will have to actually do the work. It’s definitely worth it if you’d like to have these types of results and then you can show others how to do it to, the honest way.

Thanks for mentioning my post and glad you were headed in that direction as well. I appreciate you pointing out the obvious here Theodore. Wish more people would.


    Theodore Nwangene - December 19, 2012

    Hi Adrienne,
    You don’t have to worry about me at all because i will never promote such rubish.

    I really agree with you that it takes a lot of time and effort to build a sustainable business, thats the part most so called guru’s always fail to tell their clients thereby making them to believe that no work is involed.

    We just have to stand up against all those lies and see if people will start telling truth for God’s sake.

    Thanks for your kind words friend and do take good care of yourself.

Enstine Muki - December 18, 2012

Hey Theo,
You just nailed it and pulled some guys out of a deep pit of ignorance.

There is just one reasoning that kept me off such Internet marketing blasphemy. I used to ask if someone has such a secret and quick method to pull in such huge sums within 30 days, why not keep it for yourself and make even more money? Why reveal the secret and create more competition? This brings me to the conclusion that it’s a curled lie that simply makes them rich.

Never fall to such scams!

    Theodore Nwangene - December 19, 2012

    I’m very pleased to have you here Enstine,
    I’ve also asked myself such question on several occation, if they really makes as they claim, they wount want to disclose the secret to others as to make all the money alone.

    I’ve been taken unaware before but will never fall for that again.

    We really have to be watchful man.

    Thanks for the visit Enstine.

    REKHILESH ADIYERI - May 6, 2013

    Yes secrets needs to be secret, I have shared my 6K per day method with 21 people on BBHF for free.With in days my earning were went down… That time on wards i realized that secrets will needs to be secret.If you cannot make them as secret then who can? Get shared is equals to more competition and less opportunities. 🙂

Khaja moin - December 19, 2012

Hey Theo,

To be honest I thought that you`re going to write something which justifies the title, and I`m bored of reading such posts. I`m glad this is not like others.

Agree with you, it took probloggers much work to earn 6 figures. Like every business needs time and work, blogging also demands time and work.


    Theodore Nwangene - December 19, 2012

    Yea Khaja,
    I also find it very difficult and time waisting to read such hyipes.

    It take a baby walk to succeed in anything good, there is no short to it.

    I’m happy that majority of us has taken learnt the truth.

    Lets all help and spread the truth to others.

    Thanks for your thoughtful comment Khaja, and Merry xmas in advance.

Marcel Spitz - December 19, 2012

I find it real hard to believe such headlines and I am being very honest with you. Regards

Sapna - December 19, 2012

Hi Theodore

When I read the title I thought probably Theodore has hit the goldmine for sure and now he is sharing some gold out of that.

You have rightly pointed towards these scams. My advice to these sort of people is that if they really have the secret, then they should double or treble their money rather than wasting time on others for explaining them their secrets and tricks.

Thanks for this eye opener info.


    Theodore Nwangene - December 19, 2012

    Hi Sapna,
    I even wished I’ve really discovered how to make that kind amount, but my dear, its too good to be true.

    I really hope that other people will be able to see it the way it is and stop waisting their money on rubish.

    Thanks for the visit Sapna.

Vince (PopularBlogSite) - December 20, 2012

Smart move with the title it got me to click it, but then I’m like wow what a scam artist. Thanks for not being that guy!

Pauline - December 21, 2012

Hi Theodore

There are so many scammers out there that send out those emails promising you can make thousands of $ without doing any work…. it is so sad that this is happening, I feel for the poor people that fall into the trap and end up losing their money. It is so easy to believe these people when we first start out in this business.

You have done well in writing this post to warn others. I will share this and hope others will do the same.


    Theodore Nwangene - December 22, 2012

    Thanks a million times Pauline.
    Its really bad that peoples will be telling lies just make money from others.

    We’ve just have to put an end to it ASAP.

    Thanks for coming.

Tim Bonner - December 22, 2012

Hi Theodore

Like a few people mentioned before me, you had me wondering that you were jumping on the bandwagon trying to sell me some get rich quick scheme. Thank goodness it’s the opposite.

I fell for something similar a few years ago. Now I can’t stand the sight of these emails. I get some into my inbox most days and they are phishing. There is often an unsubscribe button but I never subscribed in the first place! Just another ploy to see if you are a real person I guess then they can send a thousand emails a day!

Thank you for raising people’s awareness to it again and giving everyone a reminder that you’re not going to get very far in business online without hard work.

    Theodore Nwangene - December 22, 2012

    I can’t help but share it with others Tim,
    You know i cannot promote such a crap in the first place. I’m very it also happened to you my friend.

    I believe that it all happened so we can learn our lesson.

    Thanks for the visit man.

Chadrack - December 24, 2012

I must say when I saw that headline my head went, what is this guy up to? But reading this tells me that you must gone through some hard time there! Personally I saw through all that from the begining. I’ve never fallen for any of it but I must say I’m subscribed to many of such email list not because I wanted any of the supposed products but just to have inkling of what they are up to. I too have abadoned one of my yahoo email account because the thing just keep swelling up every day and instead of wasting my time deleting those emails, I just let it go.

Thanks for sharing and best of the season!

    Theodore Nwangene - January 2, 2013

    Thats just it Chadrack,
    Most people have fallen to it, I’m happy you haven’t. Just keep your eyes open.

    Thanks for coming and happy new year.

iPhone App Development - December 29, 2012

Reading this article was an experience. I enjoyed all the information you provided and appreciated the work you did in getting it written.

Sue Neal - December 30, 2012

Fantastic headline, Theodore! What you’ve written here is so true and great advice for anyone starting out in blogging.

I find it depressing that so many marketers continue to peddle this rubbish, preying on people’s greed, desperation and weakness. The ones that really irritate me are those that come with fake, ‘acted’ videos, usually involving a good looking young woman in a short skirt – the kind of videos you can’t fast forward and go on, and on, and on, making outrageous promises and never getting to the point. I never give them the time of day now, I just delete them in defiance of the pop-up message that invariably appears asking me if I’m sure I want to leave this page – I feel like screaming “you bet I do, buster!”

I’ve been surprised to receive some of these recently from a marketer I really respected, someone who’d always taught me that this business was going to be hard work. I just can’t understand why he’s now stooped to promoting this kind of garbage.

Anyone new to blogging needs to read this kind of post – great stuff, Theodore!


Jon - January 2, 2013

Title is definitely attention grabbing but I like how you clearly state that it is not easy to make money online but it is possible!

    Theodore Nwangene - January 8, 2013

    Hi Jon,
    I really appreciate your visiting my site. Yea most so called guru’s has made it seem like its very easy to make some dough blogging which is not true.

    But the truth is if we put all the necessary efforts needed, then it is achievable.

    Thanks and happy new year.

daybeds - January 3, 2013

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cubicle free Quinn - January 3, 2013

Hi Theodore, Ha ha – almost did not bother reading… well done. It blows my mind how much of this stuff is flying around the internet – some must be working for sure.

Actually there are a couple of well known and respected bloggers who in my opinion are leading people down the garden path.

My experience is in building websites and I have found that it is much easier to do well with those. It is not easy mind you but it holds a lot more promise than following the advice of a scammer. Cheers, Quinn

    Theodore Nwangene - January 8, 2013

    Its not easy at all Quinn,
    But if we do it the right way, we can achieve success for sure. I really appreciate your visiting my blog, thanks a million times.

Theodore Nwangene - January 4, 2013

Thanks for your honest comment Sue,
Indeed, I’ve also encountered such videos many times but just as you said, i I’m no longer paying any attention to them.

It really baffles me the way the so called gurus that we’re suppose to be looking up to are eagerly promoting such craps too.

Thank God we can now differenciate between geniune and fake products.

Thanks for coming and happy new year.

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Adeyemi Adisa - February 20, 2013

I almost turned my back on this post before I even read it because if the title.
But I like how you played with the tittle and still able to captured the attention of your readers.

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Temilola Globalwalyy - May 4, 2013

Why Theodore? Was the First thing that came to my mind, when i saw your Headline…

These article will surely help lots of people out there from getting scammed..

Jennifer Cunningham - May 5, 2013

Enjoyed the post. I read an article just yesterday that had me second guessing myself. The article said the poster had a 1,000 visitors a day and makes 1500 a month in just two months. The reality is we are all posting regularly, commenting and naturally building links to get a loyal audience. Growing a blog takes a lot of work and patience. But I don’t think we would be putting all this work into it if we didn’t believe in great rewards and loyal readers. Thanks for the nice twist on your post.

Ambika Choudhary Mahajan - May 6, 2013

seriously..online scams are way too common these days. I cannot help feeling sorry for those who lose their money to such scams.

Elechi Emekobum - July 27, 2013

I almost fell a victim of one of these online scams, but thank God, I withdrew at the eleventh hour! I like the energy you put into this article – making it felt like you are directly talking to me..lol

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Adesanmi Adedotun - January 23, 2014

Hi Theodore,

This is simply more than fat lies, when one try to go for something cheap definitely the reward will also be cheap and there is no doubt about that. Making money online is one of the best things that ever considered to be truth but you will definitely not reap a dime where you don’t invest your time and effort.

    Theodore Nwangene - January 24, 2014

    Well said Adesanmi,
    The truth is, you can really make huge sums of money from the Internet but, you must work for it. There are no magic buttons as to how to escape the work.

    Thanks for coming

SAJID - April 22, 2014

Haha… Amazing Article… You know why i clicked this post… Haha… Getting hungry but whats that… You have described the real truth to the public in some really great critics manner…
I really appreciate you for keeping up the good work…


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