How To Make An Effective Online Portfolio

Why do you need a portfolio?

How can you design an efficient portfolio?

Portfolio presents your creativity and professional skills and elaborates your resume offers. In today’s era of the creative world, an impressive portfolio gives you a unique identity in which you can do best. But there are some basic facts you need to know about any portfolio that you are going to create.

Before proceeding further first let’s talk about what is portfolio?

It is a way to express yourself in the professional word. According to the famous writer Winston Churchill, “ an excellent and effective presentation is like a miniskirt, it grabs everyone’s attention.

How To Make An Impressive Portfolio

As per today’s trend, the portfolio should be crisp and brief. Digital or online portfolio is like an image of your traditional and old style resume. The primary motive to make this is to gain a prestigious job.

Component Of A Mesmerize Online Portfolio

Importance of Design: Today, every organization has its own different demand. Therefore, choosing a right template and design is an essential element to target the quality audience. Your portfolio has to be impressive enough so that it can focus and represents you in a best possible manner.

Express yourself: Your portfolio should also contain your personal information. Tell your audience a story about yourself in a way that is relatable. Also, make sure this information is positioned in a very strategic place on your website.

This section should contain as many information about you as possible. It should include your image, your contact number, your clients’ testimonials and also some of your work samples.

Education: The other important role in a portfolio is your education level. Highlight your educational attainment and elaborate in detail. This will be helpful for your prospects to know about the level of your qualification. You can mention your degrees, certificates, and other achievements in your whole curriculum.

Skills: This is the most noticeable part of any employer. State your skills and work experience. Your prospect is most concerned about the expertise and service you will bring to his organization.

Highlight your best projects: One of the most creative and impressive parts of your portfolio is your completed projects. Also, make sure the projects included in your portfolio is relevant to the organization you are applying for a job.

This will significantly increase your chance of securing the job. This can be done in any form including presentation, slides, and PDFs.

Create Your Portfolio

We’ve discussed what a portfolio is, and the necessary elements you should have in your portfolio. Now, we will discuss the actual process to create an online portfolio.

When you want to build a portfolio, ensure you have all the requirements needed in a digital format. You should upload all required documents.

Portfolio Format: Below, we’ll discuss some points to prepare an impressive portfolio format.

  • Prior preparation is an important key to creating an impressive online portfolio. You need a good internet connectivity and ready with some of your work
  • Great content is critical. Making a good impression on the public is not an easy task. An Employer is not interested to know what you were in school and what is your academic They are more concerned about what your contribution will be for their organization.
  • The portfolio should include your education qualification certificates. Your updated curriculum vitae, letters of recommendation and projects you handle.
  • Choosing a right platform for uploading your professional portfolio is very important. There are some good websites like Weebly, Yola and you can Google for some more sites to make your work easier.
  • Creating your account on these websites is very easy. Next step for the online portfolio is adding your site and give it a title. Having a register with the proper name is advisable this will give a professional look to your employer.
  • Your portfolio should be the home page that contains all necessary information like your qualification, experience and other relevant information which make your employer impress.
  • Image express you better than your words. Upload relevant pictures of the project which you have done in your academic Or use images from websites which provide free images.
  • Experience gives you a great chance If you have good leadership qualities, it can be more beneficial for you. Also, mention your work experience.
  • Mentioning your contact detail is very important for employers to get back to you. This information should contain your email address, your phone number, and link to social media.
  • After completion, you should ensure that there is no grammatical mistake in it. It is better to send a professional person to read and edit before submitting.
  • The next step is to publish a digital portfolio. After upload this you can add this website like to your resume.
  • The final step to maintenance your web portfolio is updated your information on the regular basis because no one is like to see the stale information. Because this is an online portfolio and it is not time- consuming to update anything.

Portfolio Examples: We recommended you to look at certain portfolio examples from different websites before finalizing your portfolio so that you’ll have explicit knowledge of the portfolios required by various industries.

Portfolio presentation: This is a final process for your entire process. You have done an arduous work to make it impressive. An impressive portfolio leaves a good impression on your client/employer about your services.


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Lisa Sicard - September 28, 2017

Hi Sushant and Theodore, I’d love to see some examples of online portfolios. Do you recommend them for content marketers? I sort of have one on LinkedIn and I’m glad you mentioned to update often. That is SO important! Thanks for the info here and I’ve shared with some friends via email too 🙂


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