No: I Didn’t Run Away and I’m Not Planning To


run away

Hmmmmmm, I feel so happy to interact with you guys again today, it has really been a long time since I updated this blog last and I know that some of you will be wondering what’s wrong. Some will even think that I’ve joined the tire kickers who normally blog for awhile and then quit but, that is far from the truth.

I’ve been around and I’m not trying to run away soon at least, not now. It’s just that I’ve been so busy. If you notice, my last post here was on 10th April which is more than two months ago and it was even a guest. To be sincere, since i started this blog about 2 years ago, I’ve never been away for so long like this unless I’m sick which don’t usually last for more than few days, some of you will attest to this. Thank God I’m back now.

First of all, I want to use this opportunity to thank my amazing friend Enstine Muki, among all my blogging friends, Enstine is one guy that is always asking me what’s up? Once he sees me on Skype or Facebook, the first thing he usually ask is……. When am I coming back to the blogging? You can see our most current conversation via skype on the image below. Thanks man, you’re indeed a friend.


Also, I will not forget my friend and mentor…….. Chadrack Irobogo, he never misses to call me on the phone at least once a week to equally ask the same question. There are also other people that has asked me similar question at a point in time including Otumba Adeyinka Samuel, Adesanmi, Miracle Ayodele and other people whom I will not mention here and of cause, i will not forget my dude Babanature, we always speak on the phone as well. Thanks to you all for your love.

To be frank, I missed you guys a lot including Queen Harleena, Lisa Buben, Lisa Buben, Javeen, Emmanuel,  Samir, Nikki Merril and everyone of you and I’m glad to be here again.


So What Happened?

Actually, my absence here was indeed as a result of some circumstances that were beyond my control.

First, I’m a final year student now and everything about my studies has become so serious that I had to dedicate more of my time to it because it’s now injury time:). By the grace of God, I shall be a graduate in a few months time so I also need your prayer and best wishes.

Secondary, I needed to do something different. I started few projects that really tied me down. Some of you already know about it and I will soon write about it here but not now. It’s something that really needed a big chunk of my time and I had to equally give it to it.

Finally, I took on some menial freelance jobs because I needed more money bigger than the Adsense pennies, sponsored posts and other little doughs i gets from this blog once in awhile to fund the projects I’m working on and I thank God so far, everything is working out gradually gradually.

However, the purpose of this post is just to let you know that I’ve not disappeared as you might be thinking and, I wouldn’t like to make it longer than what it is now. I will start updating this blog again but, it might not be as regular as before so, stay tunned as many good things will be coming soon:). First, I’m trying to change the them and I’m still searching to know the one that will give me what I want.

Thanks a lot for your understanding.

Theodore Nwangene

Theodore Nwangene is a full time Blogger and Freelance writer. He is the founder of many businesses among which is Top Blogging Coach where he teaches young and would be Entrepreneurs how to create a lasting Internet Business and quit their daily work. Visit his blog and learn many ways you can improve your blogging experience. Connect with him on Twitter and on Facebook.

Enstine Muki - June 9, 2014

Hey bro,
Good to see you back. You know once in each others community, we are a family especially given the way we work to support ourselves.

I understand why your good friends kept asking you those questions. The sharing, the chat, the commenting, etc are all activities that keep us happy as one family. Yes, we felt your absence!

In any case, you were absent for a good course and I pray you come out in flying colors.

Thanks for the shout out bro and I hope you have a wonderful week

    Theodore Nwangene - June 9, 2014

    Thanks Enstine,
    And thanks also for always being there for me. I’m indeed humble. I’m glad to be with you guys again and yes, we’re one family indeed.

    Thanks for stopping by

Lisa - June 9, 2014

Theodore, great to see you back. Sometimes life happens and we must attend more important things. It doesn’t mean we ‘ve given up, it just means we know our priorities. I had to take some time off as my mom got sick and passed away 3 weeks ago.
I hope everything goes well for you Theodore and that we will see you blogging once again.
Thanks for the mention and have a great new week.

    Theodore Nwangene - June 9, 2014

    Yea Lisa,
    Everything is cool with me and I’m happy to be back. I remembered when you posted about the demise of your mom on Facebook. Once again, its a pity indeed and I really sympathized with you. Please take heart.

    Thanks for coming.

Harleena Singh - June 9, 2014

Hi Theodore,

Good to have you back -and I hope you don’t vanish again now 🙂

Yes, I didn’t message or disturb you much because I knew you were busy with your exams and so one took it as that’s what kept you busy. But I can understand how one thing can lead to another and weighs us down. Good you learnt some new things and even did some work, which of course should also be priority.

Take it easy and don’t tire yourself with blogging, as you have returned after a break, and it takes time getting used to the Blogosphere once again.

Thanks for sharing and letting us know. Have a nice week ahead 🙂

    Theodore Nwangene - June 9, 2014

    Hello Queen Harleena,
    I’m really happy to have you here again, thanks a lot for the kind words. Yea, I was really busy indeed, really worked my ass off :). The exams was also great and I give God all the glory.

    Thanks a bunch for coming Harleena and I’m sure I will be seeing you around more often.

Emmanuel - June 9, 2014

There is of course no doubt we missed you a lot. We do wish you all the best in all your endeavours. It will be great thing seeing you with a first degree in no time.
Please how is my-wife-who-was-to-be-but-now-married doing? I mean your sister. Extend my regards to her.

    Theodore Nwangene - June 9, 2014

    Hahahaha Emmanuel,
    Your wife? IF I HEAR:). Well, she is fine and bouncing. I really appreciate your comment and I’m happy to hear that you missed me too.

    Thanks for stopping by and, I also missed you too.

Sid - June 9, 2014

Hi Theodre,

Good to have you back after the break. How was your exams? Wish you best for the results.

Btw, awesome post. Blogging is all about learning new things and sharing it with others.


Miracle Ayodele - June 9, 2014

Hi Theodore, I personally miss you and we all miss you and your great posts.

I understand your reasons and they are really cool you gave attention to those things, especially your education. Your success life must be balance, one must not suffer for the other, and you have just done that.

I wish you success in your endeavors and I’m glad you are back. Thanks for the mention. Do have a great time.

swapnil - June 10, 2014

run away from blogging is bad

Theodore Nwangene - June 15, 2014

Thank you a lot for the kind words Miracle,
I’m happy to hear that you missed me too. I don’t plan to stay away for long again


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