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Happy new week to you my valued reader and, I hope you had a fabulous weekend. I’m happy I’m back again for us to continue where we stopped, the ailment that caught me recently really took me away for a bit long but, thank God it’s all over now.

Now, based on the question I asked on the title of this post, I know the answer will certainly be different for each of us but, I just wanted to share with you something I discovered for some time now, you know it’s all about sharing our experiences right? I guess.

blog posts


There is something that really caught my attention to write this post, it’s not as if this is the first time it happened but, I never made up my mind to write about it until now so, let’s get the point.

It’s all about writing blog posts and I ask you again……What time do you normally write your posts? I hope you will answer this question on the comment thread.

I discovered that it’s normally very easy for me to write in the morning, I mean, very early in the morning than any other time of the day.

Initially, I can write at any time especially late in the night because, that’s the time I’m always less busy and have less distraction so, I usually utilize it to work on my blogs but recently, those time no longer work for me when it comes to writing.

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I can certainly do any other thing on my blogs but, not to write a blog post. I’ve tried so many times to write at night as usual but, each time I opened my PC and word document to write, the inspiration will not just be there, I will always find enough reason not to write.

However, the next thing I normally do after I’ve done every other thing on my blog is to go to bed. This same thing also happened last night, I tried everything I could to write, all to no avail in fact, what you’re reading now is not what I planned to publish here today but, I just changed my mind to tell you about this rather.

Why am Writing About This Now?

I know that there is a thing called writers block and many of us surfers from it at one point or the other in fact, most people don’t even know how to handle it.

What am I saying? The reason you normally have writers block may be attributed to the time you always choose to write, do you agree with me?

Yes, think about it based on my own experience. I can’t write very well at any other time except early in the morning and since I discovered that, I don’t know what writers block is again. Once I open my PC to write in the morning, the ideas will just be flowing and flowing unstoppably until I decide to stop now, isn’t that amazing?

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This is the same reason why I’m asking you, when do you normally write your own blog posts? You really need to answer this question because; it might be a solution to your writers block problem you know.

If you normally experience writers block whenever you’re writing, why don’t you change your writing time and see what happens next? If you normally write in the afternoon, why don’t you try writing in the evening or at night?

However, I also noticed from my experiments that, majority of writers also prefer writing early in the morning than any other time of the day so, why is it so?

I don’t know really but, I think it’s because our brain is usually very calm and fresh at that time of the day because, we just woke up and have not had any form of distraction or something to think about but, after going through all the daily struggles, we normally feel weak and tired and therefore, our brain might not be able to function well again when we try using it in writing.

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I don’t know if this is the reason but, that’s my own thinking.

Finally, I think I’ve already made my points, what I now want you to do now is simply to give what I said here a shot. If you finds it difficult and challenging to write at any given time then, why don’t change the time and see if that works for you, it’s all about trying so, JUST DO IT.

Don’t forget to answer my question and also tell me your own opinion based on this post via the comment thread; I always love to hear your opinions. And please, share this post with your friends if you enjoyed it, use the buffer button to tweet.

Thanks for reading my post today and, may we all have a productive week.

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Theodore Nwangene

Theodore Nwangene is a full time Blogger and Freelance writer. He is the founder of many businesses among which is Top Blogging Coach where he teaches young and would be Entrepreneurs how to create a lasting Internet Business and quit their daily work. Visit his blog and learn many ways you can improve your blogging experience. Connect with him on Twitter and on Facebook.

Obasi Miracle - July 22, 2013

Now I can’t but agree more with all the tips you have given here, they will be very useful to me as a tech blogger. Thanks for sharing all of these

    Theodore Nwangene - July 23, 2013

    You’re most welcome Miracle,
    I’m happy you enjoyed the post man now, its the time to find out the best time that works for you as well when it comes to writing your blog posts.

    Thanks a lot for stopping by mate :).

Badootech - July 22, 2013

Nice article bro..as for me , i blog in the morning and evening…..when i publish a post in the morning , i promote it and give it time for it to spread across before publishing another post in the evening..

    Theodore Nwangene - July 23, 2013

    Hi Badootech,
    I understand you perfectly well. Your own time is also great and, its also good to promote your published posts before another one just as you’re doing. Thats really interesting man.

    Thanks a lot for stopping by :).

Harleena Singh - July 22, 2013

Hi Theodore,

Interesting topic to discuss indeed 🙂

The time to write is very important for coming up with quality posts. Yes, there was a time when working late night was something that I also did, but I also had to be up at 5.30 early morning for my kids, so that didn’t really work for me, and made me feel dizzy the rest of the day.

You are right, you need to decipher for yourself, what time works for you. For some people late night works fine, especially if you are unmarried because you can afford to get up late if you want, and you can end your chores and sit after dinner to sit and wrie in peace, when there is no one to disturb you. However, I do not personally recommend this, and working the first thing in the morning is the best solution.

Why? Well, that’s because your mind is brimming with ideas, you are fresh to take on the day, you are full of energy, you are quicker and more efficient in your work as compared to the night time because you tend to tire yourself all day long, if you are the kind who doesn’t rest in the afternoon. So many things can be added to this. I saw the major difference in my writing when I started doing the most important thing, first things in the morning, which was write – whether it’s for my clients, or a blog post.

However, be sure to shut off all other tabs that might distract you, or else, you tend to get busy with that! Nevertheless, to each one their own, we can just say what works best for us, isn’t it?

Thanks for sharing this with us, and I appreciate the post link too. Have a nice week ahead 🙂

    Theodore Nwangene - July 23, 2013

    You’ve really said a lot Harleena,
    And, i agree with all you said. Writing in the morning is also what works for me. I’ve also tried the night stuff but, it no longer work for me because as you said, I’m always tired at night and, all i needs to do is to retire to bed.

    Yea, our brain are always very fresh and sound in the morning when we woke up and, that’s why its very good to use it that time because, the idea and inspiration will not be lacking.

    And of cause, if you leave any other tab open, you will surely be distracted which is why its advisable to shut them down as you said. Most people however prefer writing in the night and, that’s why we’re all different.

    Thanks a lot for sharing your honest opinion with us as always Leena and, have a productive week :).

Perambur Kumar - July 22, 2013

Nice Post.
Time to write post is totally different from person to person.
According to me I can write any time which is suitable for me. When I get some new ideas about the topic. Then I make a post on it almost immediately. So there is no specific time for it.
Another thing I already decided what are all the topics I am going to write in future.
For example :
Still 69 posts pending in way2onlinejobs.com. You can ask me after 69 posts whether you update your website or not?
No is my answer. I am planed my website in such a way. I don’t want to update my website after 69 posts. Infact I tell you the post titles for all the 69 posts now. So it’s totally depends on a person planning

    Theodore Nwangene - July 23, 2013

    So happy to have you here Kumar,
    Yea, thats why i said that the answer will be different to everyone because, we’re all different and does things in different ways. I also love the idea of having your blog posts title at hand, this will certainly ease the process the more.

    But, i don’t really understand what you meant that you will not update the blog again after the 69 posts, does it mean that you will flip the site? Just curious.

    Thanks a lot for coming to my blog Kumar, really honoured :).

Munish - July 22, 2013

Great post buddy. Glad to read this post here.

Carlie Hamilton - July 22, 2013

For me it isn’t really a time of day that I write posts. Generally I write my posts in chunks. So I’ll spend a day and just write. The most recent session was Sunday, and before that it was the previous week’s Saturday. Just looked through my diary to find this out, I find it interesting that I wrote on the weekends now I’m looking at it.

If I was to define a time, I would say for me my most productive time is generally the afternoon, and sometimes evening. I’m not so good in the morning. Sometimes I can just start the day well, but most mornings I don’t feel productive, so I’ll do other things (that are important to me, but not “work”, such as exercise).

    Theodore Nwangene - July 23, 2013

    Very well Carlie,
    I like your own style too at least, the most important thing is that you’ve discovered your own productive time which most people are yet to find out.

    This will certainly make it easier for you to achieve whatever you want. Yea, afternoons does not work for me, i guess thats the individual differences we’re often talking about hur? Good.

    I’m so happy to read your view on this, thanks a lot for sharing your honest opinion with us :).

Emmanuel - July 22, 2013

I didn’t quite get the post since the social sharing plugin on the left kept hindering my reading but if I should go along with your question, I mostly get blog posts ideas when taking my shower and tend to take a minimum of 2 days to propel that thought into a post.

    Theodore Nwangene - July 23, 2013

    I wonder why that happened Emmanuel,
    I will look into it later and, i like your own style :), getting your blog posts while taking shower, that is so interesting man :). So, what normally inspires you then? Is it the water or soap? Just kidding man :).

    Thanks a lot for stopping by, so happy to have you here.

Brad Castro - July 22, 2013

Great question – and one, I think, that applies to writing outside of blogging as well.

I have a 3 post a week schedule and while I typically begin writing the night before, it can often be a struggle. I often struggle with the structure, or the ideas won’t be there, or the words won’t flow.

In the morning, however, it all comes together.

I think that’s just a natural part of the creative process, however. Whether it’s writing something or memorizing it or learning a new skill, you give it your best shot consciously and then turn it over to your subconscious process when you go to sleep. And when you awake, presto, you find it’s been taken care of and just waiting for you to pick up the results.

    Theodore Nwangene - July 23, 2013

    Well said Brad,
    Really, i noticed that writing in the morning works better for most people and I’m happy its also working for me. I also struggles a lot whenever i intend to write at night.

    I might have an idea of what i want to write about but, the motivation will just not be there which normally forces me to retire to bed. Thanks a lot for stopping by man, really appreciate your presence here :).

Maketta - July 22, 2013

I think the best time to write depends on when you can do it. If the morning is better for you write in the morning and if the night is better for you than write at night. For me, I find the afternoon is better. I am not a night person my body automatically goes into chill mode. I don’t like to write my blog posts at night. I also believe writer’s block can set in if you post to sporadically. Try to have a schedule when you are posting to your blog. I was posting every Thursday but now I am posting every Monday because that is better for me now. This is working out great for me. I post once a week and the rest of the week is spent promoting. That gives me enough time to figure out what I will be writing about for the next week. Not too short but not too long. I prefer to take the middle path. Thank you for sharing your insights with us!

    Theodore Nwangene - July 22, 2013

    Glad to have you here Maketta,
    Yea, not knowing the best time to write and publish your blog posts can really results to writers block. I’m happy to hear that you have your own set time of doing it and that is so awesome man.

    Yea, it does not really matter how many times you publish new articles in a week, what is important is being consistent with it and from your comment, i can see you’re also keeping up with your own posting schedule…. Keep it up man :).

    Thanks a lot for visiting my blog and, have a great week

Sergio Felix - July 22, 2013

Hey Theodore, I normally write my blog posts when I have something important to say, I may jot down ideas on post it notes from time to time but I normally write one blog post at a time (I don’t do batches) and then publish as soon as possible.

I also do not write articles in advance, simply because whenever I’m writing something I feel a certain way (happy, sad, motivated, unmotivated, etc) and I always try to inject my personal emotions into my articles that way my articles are unique and do not feel like it was a boring article stripped from a magazine.

Hope that helps! 😉


PS. Glad to have you back man!

    Theodore Nwangene - July 22, 2013

    Thanks a lot for your candid opinion Sergio,
    I always enjoy reading your comments as well as your posts because of your honesty :). I don’t write my posts in batches either, once I’ve started, i must finish it, unless something big came up that needed my attention.

    I appreciate your stopping by and yes, I’m happy to be back again. Thanks for your concern :).

Martin - July 23, 2013

Great post as always!. Totally agree. I would also add that you can learn to ‘blog on the go’. The more you write the moreyou get used to it and don’t need a silent environment, in your office. I blog on the train, outside while watching my kids play, in a Starbucks… Take the blog with you!

    Theodore Nwangene - July 23, 2013

    I agree with you Martin,
    Its all about monopoly. The more you write, the more you gets used to it so, lets keep on writing and writing :). Thanks for stopping by man

Adrienne - July 23, 2013

Hey Theodore,

Well I’m with Sergio on this one. I only write when I have something I want to write about. It’s seldom in the morning though, I usually have too much to do right as I start my day. I don’t have a designated time and for the most part I usually just write my posts the day before they go live but when I know what I want to write about and have several topics in mind I might sit down and crank three of them out at a time. Like I wrote three last Friday so I’m all caught through next week.

It’s just when the mood strikes me really, no set schedule with that. I think that would be way too much pressure on me that way. See, we all do things differently!


    Theodore Nwangene - July 25, 2013

    We certainly do things differently Adrienne,
    And, that’s why we all are different. I like what Sergio said indeed and I’m happy you’re also with him on that. Yea sometime, i normally write my articles in bulk when the inspiration is over flowing so, that’s also a good act.

    Thanks for stopping by and sharing your own awesome view with us, have a blessed days ahead Adrienne :).

Adesanmi Adedotun - July 23, 2013

Wow! This is a great post about blogging, to some, the time they publish their blog articles means nothing to them but to me it means alot. Although, when I started I published anyhow, just to have it done, just to hit the publish button is all what I think but I discover there should be orderliness in my post and all the like, this has however brought in me the great conclusion that I need to publish when the countries where my blog is ranked high are ready to surf the net. And I took the statistical different in time of the country where my blog is ranked high and publish during the average time interval between the countries.

    Theodore Nwangene - July 25, 2013

    You’re very right Adesanmi,
    We all have those places that our readers are huge and, if we can find out the time they are normally online and publishes our articles at that time then, it will certainly gain more exposure.

    I’m happy you also mentioned this here man, thanks a lot and have a successful blogging :).

Ashi - July 24, 2013

Hi Theodore.
Well I work on my blog on regular basis. We have a tendency to post article all day i mean If we are publishing 10 article we will publish them in 1 hour gap. This will make user think that they keep on updating site. And they won’t miss anything.
BTW thanks for the share. Keep up the good work and have a great week ahead.

    Theodore Nwangene - July 25, 2013

    Thanks Ashi,
    Your own strategy also rocks and, I’m happy you’ve discovered what’s working for you. Thanks a lot for the visit and, have a nice day as well:)

Pramod - July 24, 2013

Well , i find the night time ideal write a blog post …In the night , its peaceful and brain is relaxed …Hence , i write my posts in the night .Nice and unique article ..Thanks for sharing mate !


    Theodore Nwangene - July 25, 2013

    You welcome Pramod,
    I’m happy the night time is working for you, i once worked for me some time ago but, morning time is more better for me these days. Thanks for stopping by and please, do visit again :).

Ugee - July 24, 2013

Hi Theodore,

Nice write up here. This is something that a lot of bloggers actually don’t think is important. Thanks for bringing it to our consciousness.

    Theodore Nwangene - July 25, 2013

    Hello Ugee,
    I’m so honoured to have you here and, I’m pretty glad you like and agreed with what i said here. Thanks a lot for the visit and, please do visit us again:).

Enstine Muki - July 24, 2013

Hey bro,
Good you are back in health and this is quite a good topic of discussion. Every blogger writes so there is definitely a point to think that we can have specific hours to get more inspirations.

I personally think inspiration brings post ideas. Research brings more materials to develop the post idea into a real article. I get inspired doing anything but developing these inspirations into blog posts is what I don’t have specific time for. When the idea is there, I often make use of any available time to do research and add more to the idea. Some times it takes few hours to write a full blown meaty post. Some times it takes days and weeks. All these are a function of the complexity of the subject you are writing on. I remember one blog post took over 4 weeks simply because I had to put together materials from over 10 bloggers. some of them took quite sometime to send the info over to me.

I have just 24 hours a day so I try to treat my tasks based on priorities. No specific time for any task. There are days that it’s most important to get my post ready so I treat that first. There are also days that some other things are most important so I give time to these first. 😉

    Theodore Nwangene - July 25, 2013

    Hey my man,
    You’ve spoken really well here and, I’m very happy to read your comment once again. Yea, I’m healthy now and i thank God for that. Thanks a lot for your concern.

    We all have our own preferences when it comes to doing anything and, i must tell you that i like your own strategy too. Thanks a lot for your awesome comment and, have a nice weekend ahead:

Video Production - July 25, 2013

What you’re saying is completely true. I know that everybody must say the same thing, but I just think that you put it in a way that everyone can understand. I also love the images you put in here. They fit so well with what you’re trying to say. I’m sure you’ll reach so many people with what you’ve got to say

    Theodore Nwangene - July 25, 2013

    Thanks for your awesome comment man but, is your name Video Production? I don’t accept keywords on the name field here in case of next time.

Manu Jamwal - July 25, 2013

Great another post dear. You are say under this post really true. Glad to read this post.

Karmakar - July 25, 2013

Hi Theodore..

Thank you very much for this awesome post… I have never really thought about it…. Now you have forced me to think about the the TIME MANAGEMENT for my blog post activities… Really appreciate it… 🙂

    Theodore Nwangene - July 26, 2013

    You welcome Karmakar,
    Its really very advisable to pay more attention on your blog’s time management and, i happy you’ve learnt that now. Thanks a lot for stopping over at my blog and, do have a lovely weekend.

    Hope to see you again :).

Lewis LaLanne - July 27, 2013

I feel my writing flows freshest after I’ve had at least 7 hours of sleep (so important) and my mind has had this extended break from being “creative”.

As of lately, it’s been taking me around 12 hours to put together a 5,000 + word blog post. I split this into two days. By the last hour or two of the first day my mind starts wanting a break from having to come up with what to say and so this is when I let it have a break and I start doing cosmetic adjustments to the piece, fonts, pictures, editing/proofreading, stuff that is brain dead simple.

I’ve also found that having a 35 minute in the middle of the day is awesome but I think I want to start experimenting with meditating during this time because since I started making sure I get my 7 hours of sleep I’m not so tired at my nap time as I used to be when I’d get 4-6 hours of sleep.

Sleep and shifting gears to giving the “creative” part of the mind have instrumental to me consistently producing. 🙂

    Theodore Nwangene - August 1, 2013

    Hi Lewis,
    I really appreciate your taking time to visit my blog and sharing with us your own awesome opinion. I also agree with all you said here, thats why we are all different on the ways we work.

    Thanks for the visit once again Lewis and please, do visit again 🙂

Internet Business Kick Start - July 27, 2013

just a heads up that your social sharing plugin is cutting off the left side of your post so it’s very hard to read. Correcting this would be good for your readers!

Also when you use post scheduling tools such as Buffer (see our article on how to use Buffer at http://internetbusinesskickstart.com/buffer/) it doesn’t matter when you have ideas for blog posts or when you write them, since you can schedule them to be posted automatically at a certain time each day / week.

Prince Erafe - July 31, 2013

Bravo Theodore reading you blog post to me is just like seeking ideals from a reliable source thanks for this awesome blog post

Retugupta - August 12, 2013

I think the best time to write depends on when you can do it. If the morning is better for you write in the morning and if the night is better for you than write at night. For me, I find the afternoon is better. I am not a night person my body automatically goes into chill mode. I don’t like to write my blog posts at night. I also believe writer’s block can set in if you post to sporadically. Try to have a schedule when you are posting to your blog. I was posting every Thursday but now I am posting every Monday because that is better for me now. This is working out great for me. I post once a week and the rest of the week is spent promoting. That gives me enough time to figure out what I will be writing about for the next week. Not too short but not too long. I prefer to take the middle path. Thank you for sharing your insights with us!

    Theodore Nwangene - August 13, 2013

    Thanks a lot for your awesome contribution Retugupta,
    I really like your own unique style. Please keep it up and, thanks for coming to my blog

Bastian - August 17, 2013

I think the time depends on you target group and topic. It’s also good to react to recent news in the public. For example the bitcoin hype a few weeks ago.

    Theodore Nwangene - August 19, 2013

    Thanks Bastian,
    I agree with what you said, it all depends on your target audience really. Thanks for coming and, have a great week

FashionChanzer - August 25, 2013

I just read your post .. you are a great man dear, Your way of writing impressed me a lot. I also learned a lot from your post and perspective.

Well Done,

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mvenkat K - February 11, 2014

Nwangene you told valuable points, just i read your post, really it’s impressed me a lot, and your topic is like old pot, but content is full of new water, you are great, to create content and design point to point, you take every time a good topic, keep it up bro.


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