I Don’t Know But I Think I’m Tired of Blogging (Here’s Why)

tired of blogging

Have you ever stayed away from your blog for so long? Have you ever stayed one full year without writing even a single post on your blog? That was exactly what happened to me. Initially, I never thought I could spend such a long time without even visiting my blog.

In this blog post, I will tell you what has been happening with me and TBC for almost two good years now then in my next post, I will tell you what I’ve learned so far about building a successful and popular blog and, I will also tell you my plans and how you can also use it to fast track the growth of your own blog. That is when i will fully explain to you what i meant by the title of his post “I’m Tired of Blogging“. So, keep an eye for it.

I will call this blog post (Part 1) and the next one I will write will be kind of (Part 2) in the series.

I advice you read to the end of this post because I’m certain that you will definitely learn something new from it. Are you with me? Let’s go.

Life is not always easy and if one is not careful he might make some deadly mistakes while trying to survive. I’ve been through so many things over the past 2 years but I thank God that I’m still here.

It might interest you to know that since the inception of TBC, this is the first time I took off more than 2 weeks without publishing not even a single blog post and, the funny part is that I totally lost interest in the business of blogging. Not as if I’ve not been making efforts to start again but each time I open my laptop, I will just be staring at the screen not knowing what next to do and before you know what’s happening, I will sleep off.

Over the months, I totally lost it all and that still brings me to the saying that whatever you’re always doing will definitely leave you the moment you abandon it for some time.

So What Exactly Happened?

I know that most of you are still wondering why I’ve been away all this while and I’ve now decided to tell you exactly what happened.

It all started in the beginning of (2014) after I finished setting my goals for the year not knowing that I will be very far from reaching them.

Most of you knew that I was a student and I’ve always struggled to manage the blog and my studies but the whole thing changed when I stepped up to my final year in the university. I don’t really know what happened but what I did remember was that my studies became more demanding and stressful that it became very difficult for me to keep on running this blog.

The worst part of it was that I wasn’t making any significant income from this blog back then and that was part of what de-motivated me. The most ideal thing I was supposed to do in this kind of situation was to just higher someone that will take up the running of the blog to ensure that I don’t lose anything including my awesome readers and income but for the fact that it wasn’t making me money, I couldn’t do it.

We all know what it costs to run a blog especially in a place like Africa where everything is expensive and difficult but I’ve been running TBC with my own money since its inception apart from the few $$ it usually make once awhile via sponsored posts.

As 2014 was going forward, things continued being very hard for me to the point that it became hard for me to even transport myself to school. And in May that same year, my host expired and Arvixe started demanding for their money else, I’ll lose my site. In fact, I almost lost TBC as a result because of the fact that I couldn’t afford the money but as God may have it, I was able to gather money and pay them after about one month of its expiration.

After I settled them, things became even more challenging for me especially in school, I needed money for my project, clearance and many other necessary things and I now decided to sale off TBC in order to pay my bills and settle my debts.

topbloggingcoach.com — Website Listed on Flippa Established and Lucrative Internet Marketing Blog With Huge Profit Potential

When I told some of my friends about my decision to flip this blog, many of them kicked against it and urged me to look for money somehow and settle my bills instead of selling the blog but as a man that needed money urgently, I had no other choice than to simply list it on Flippa even without having any experience on website flipping as I’ve never done it before. Thanks to my good friends Gilbert Samuel, Valentine Belonwu and Chadrack Irobogo for all their assistance to see that I was able to list the site.

I Couldn’t Flip The Site

The first listing lasted for 14 days and I paid $19 using Valentine Belonwu’s Flippa account for that but I don’t know what happened, it didn’t sale. When I was checking out some of the sites that were already sold on Flippa, I discovered that my own site is even much better than most of them but yet…. They sold so, why can’t my own sale too? This and many other questions were going on in my mind and I started contacting some of my friends again and that was when I reached out to my good friend Uttoran Sen of Guestcrew.com whom most of you already know.

He is a very nice guy and after going through my site, he assured me that the site is good and should be able to sale even more than I was asking for based on his experience in website flipping. He now went through my listing on flippa and said that my sales letter was not good enough and also offered to relist it for me this time and that he will also write the sales page himself.

I explained to him that I don’t have money to relist again and he offered to pay it for me and will take it back after the site has sold. Now, I’ve created my own account and he used it to relist the site with a very nice and well written sales page but guess what…. It still didn’t sale.

Although it performed much better than it did on my first listing but after this time, I made up my mind that I’m not going to sale it again but will rather re-brand and start working on it again like never before so that even if I latter decided to sale it in the future, I will be able to sale it higher than what they priced it on flippa.

The Future of Top Blogging Coach

The truth is that I don’t really know why I was unable to sale the site because, I saw so many sites that are of lower quality being sold there, maybe God actually have a bigger plan for it.

Now, the fact that I’ve not been blogging for awhile doesn’t mean that I’ve been doing nothing; I’ve actually been very busy learning. I’ve actually figured out so many things I never knew before in this industry and as time goes on, I’ll be applying them one after the other while also teaching you about them.

BTW: I’ve made a lot of money from some of the things I’ve learnt so far. More on that later.

I plan to make this blog one of the best in the blogging/internet marketing niche and I’m never going to give up until this is achieved so, I’ll advice you stick around as I have so many awesome things in store for you. The truth is that a lot of bloggers are not doing it right at all and I still see so many bloggers out there that are still making the same mistakes and if we should keep on doing it that way, we won’t be moving forward at all.

Do you really wish to have a blogging breakthrough? Then you’ve got to stop the way you’ve been doing it and start doing it the right way. Stop following the gurus and start doing what you’ve got to do. If you don’t know what I’m saying then don’t worry as I’m going to make everything plainly clear as time goes on.

Right now, I want you to stop working in your blog and instead, start working on it. I will say that again:

Stop working in your blog and instead, start working on it

If you keep on working in it, you’ll only be working your ass off without seeing any meaningful result, that’s the truth. It’s no longer about writing and writing and writing, there’s more to it now and if you don’t know what those things are you, you’ll soon realize you’ve been wasting your time actually.

I Missed my Friends

I’ve really missed so many people over the months, but what I don’t know is if they also missed me. Life is sweet when you have some good friends that always share beautiful ideas with you and the ones I have here are indeed exceptional. I hope you all are doing well? Enstine Muki, Adrienne Smith, Harleena Singh and others. I know I’ve also missed many of your awesome blog posts and I will start checking them out gradually.

Finally, I want to use this opportunity to wish all of us success on this journey, its never easy and it’s not something you’ll have to pursue by force, you need focus and until you have it, you won’t be able to get anywhere.


Theodore Nwangene

Theodore Nwangene is a full time Blogger and Freelance writer. He is the founder of many businesses among which is Top Blogging Coach where he teaches young and would be Entrepreneurs how to create a lasting Internet Business and quit their daily work. Visit his blog and learn many ways you can improve your blogging experience. Connect with him on Twitter and on Facebook.

Babanature - March 15, 2016

Hello Theodore,

Good to see you back to blogging again… I believe everything that happens to us is for a reason.

For the fact that your site didn’t make it on flippa, it shows that the site has a better calling. and with your hustle, you will definitely make some online money this year…

Let me officially say; congratulation for graduating from the University. Hope to see you more here.

Have a faithful week my brother…

    Theodore Nwangene - March 15, 2016

    Thanks a lot Baba,
    I really appreciate those kind words. You’ve also being a motivation to me and I’m certain we all will achieve our blogging goals.

    Happy to be back brother.

    CHEERS!!!!!! 🙂

Babs From BabsReviews.com - March 15, 2016

Hey Theo,

Thanks for sharing these insights with us. Where are the share buttons? BTW!

Was looking to tweet this article?

Ybholy - March 15, 2016

Welcome back bro! Hope to see TBC move to the peak of blogging tips blogs asap.

Your blog looks awesome, your writing skills reminds me of garden eden.

Keep the good work going bro, the best part of it all is that – YOU’RE BACK!

    Theodore Nwangene - March 15, 2016

    Thanks for those flattering words brother :).

    I’m really happy to join you guys again. Now, lets take blogging by surprise :).

    Thanks for visiting.

Enstine Muki - March 15, 2016

I feel like one side of me is back, really
I told you several times that I’m personally missing you and your content and God heard my prayers

sorry but the main reason you didn’t sell the site was that God answered my prayer. Selling could mean you going from blogging forever and that would be bad news.

Now you are back and I’m glad to have another blog to also checkout for awesome content, and another reader too.

Thanks for the shout out and yes, I’m doing great and I don’t ever think to take such a break 😉

A week without blogging makes me sick because that’s a huge source of my income and I love the engagement and social part of it 😉

Waiting for part II

    Theodore Nwangene - March 16, 2016

    Hahahaha Boss,

    I know that you’ve always had my back covered 🙂 and, maybe you’re right that it was your prayers that prevented my site from selling but, i really needed that money then 🙂 .

    Yea, I know how you always ask me whats holding me back and now, I’m glad to join you again. Its now time to reveal all those secrets of yours to me so i will also start making those $$$$$$ with you 🙂 .

    Lets change things right now Enstine. No more following the trends>

Chris Hooker - March 16, 2016

Good post Theodore, I’ll be very interested to follow subsequent posts.

I must confess to reaching a similar point myself late last year! I was sorely tempted just to leave my blog alone and never look at it again!

However, after less than a month I found myself drawn back to it, I simply couldn’t let it go after having put so much work INTO it. And there you might have it my friend; I was working IN the blog and thanks to comments from Enstine and Adrienne (and now yourself!) I now realise that I have to work ON it!

Like Enstine, waiting for partII.

    Theodore Nwangene - March 16, 2016

    Hello Chris,

    So happy to have you here. Yea, most people usually have such experience on their blogs once awhile especially when the blog is not making much $$$$ yet. But the moment you change things and the money starts pouring in, that will be a very big motivation to keep going.

    The most important thing is to always come back after backsliding just as we both did 🙂

    Lets take blogging serious this time via a different strategy. I have lots of awesome stuffs to share with you soon 🙂 , Just keep your fingers crossed.

    Thanks for coming sir.

ajay kumar kalva - March 16, 2016

great to see you back theo,
have been waiting for your posts since days since subscribing to your site, great insights you made after getting back,

Shantanu Sinha - March 16, 2016

Hii Theodore Nwangene,

Thank you for sharing these insights among us.
Great you come back and would be continue on your blogs.

Glad that you graduated 🙂

Hope that you would continue this work ahead, with a new energy.

Have a great week and life ahead.
Shantanu sinha

Prakash Kumar Sinha - March 16, 2016

I really enjoyed reading this post. It is very inspirational and true.

Temilola Globalwalyy - March 16, 2016

Hello Friend,

I have been wondering where is Topbloggingcoach, am glad you are doing better.. and glad to see you back..

do have a wonderful day, and yes there was a reason why you couldn’t sale your site on flippa, maybe because of we lover of your site..

    Theodore Nwangene - March 17, 2016

    Thank you so much boss,

    You’re really a very wonderful friend and I’m happy to have known you. I’m sure I’m gonna meet you in person soon 🙂

    I’m happy to be back so, lets take blogging to the next level.

Adrienne - March 16, 2016

Hey Theodore,

Welcome back! I honestly thought you were just yet another person who decided to drop blogging to either pursue other things or you just were tired of it. I did know you were going to school and of course applauded you for being able to do both. I do know though that when push comes to shove, your studies definitely should have topped blogging.

I’m also glad you didn’t flip the site so maybe that experience was a good one. Had you done that we might not have seen you again at least in the blogosphere. Maybe someplace else since you’re obviously doing other things as well.

I appreciate the shout out. I do understand what you’re saying too and that’s the direction I’ve headed myself. My consulting business is doing REALLY well as well as another side project I’ve taken up so I’m busier then ever. It’s great though but I want everyone to just block out all the noise and concentrate on moving forward. That’s the only way they’ll progress.

Good to see you, am excited to hear more about what you’ve been up to so I guess I’ll be dropping back by again soon.


    Theodore Nwangene - March 17, 2016

    I’m so happy to have you around as usual Ma,

    The truth is that i really missed you a lot and I’m glad to be back here finally. Yea, i know you’re doing so well as I’ve been hearing a lot about you on the blogosphere, lots of mentions which shows you’re really moving ahead 🙂

    I’m finally back for good and can’t wait to start devouring those awesome and actionable contents of yours again.

    Thanks for the visit Adrienne, i do appreciate it.

Bucketlist - March 17, 2016

I always love seeing posts like this. It just shows we are not alone.

I just started blogging with a list sight(when i was starting i really did not have a plan) but i am building the site slowly to see where it takes me.

I am also doing a lot of research on building niche websites. but the one problem i am having is not being accountable to myself.

I think i need a coach who will make me accountable.

Enough said. My website is www,bucketlistng.ng. Any 1 can have a look and give me feedback.

Harleena Singh - March 23, 2016

Hi Theodore,

Welcome back 🙂

So good to see you after long! Yes, as you’ve missed us, we all have missed you too, and the comments on this post, from all your friend’s are proof of that, as you can see.

I can understand that it’s not easy to manage things, especially when you are studying and blogging, and funds are always an issue. However, I am glad you are through the rough phase.

Honestly speaking, there is a reason as to why your site didn’t sell, no matter what you tried. It was His will that you keep it, resume blogging, and spread the knowledge with others. I do believe in this strongly, as everything happens for a reason. 🙂

Thanks so much for the kind mention, and we are with you in your journey – so just move ahead with full gusto! Have a nice week ahead, and we look forward to all that you have in store for us 🙂

    Theodore Nwangene - March 23, 2016

    Thanks a bunch for the kind words Harleena,

    Yes, i really missed you guys and I’m happy to hear that you missed me equally 🙂

    Yes, i also believe that there is a good reason as to why the blog didn’t sell and I’m set to take it higher now.

    Thanks for always watching my back Harleena. 🙂

Muhammad Tabish - March 23, 2016

This Was Great Post, Tired Of Blogging very Informative Article Writing, I really enjoyed reading this post. It is very inspirational and true. KeepUpThe good Work Thanks For Sharing My Facebook Profile, Harleena Sis,
Have a Nice Day Ahead,

Akaahan Terungwa - March 23, 2016

Hi Theodore,

Welcome back.

Life is quite funny – and at times, appear quite twisted too! I once was in a fix myself and attempted selling my blog then…or, even the highly brandable domain. The good thing is that, like you, no one bought – and I was damn angry!

However, after barely a year, I became supremely grateful that no one had offered to buy – for the site made me more money than I could ever ask anyone willing to buy! Aside this, I also got over my financial challenges and still was not dead 🙂

I love the saying ‘tough times don’t last but tough people do’….kindly remember this when you feel down EVER again.

Do make the day great – it feels truly awesome to be commenting on your site again 🙂

Akaahan Terungwa

    Theodore Nwangene - March 23, 2016

    Hello Akaahan,

    So good to have you around again after a long time. Thanks a bunch for the kinds words too. I’m happy to hear that you’ve also been in such position before and was able to conquered it 🙂

    I sure will be putting in more work to my blog from now, i already have a lot of things to share with you guys over the coming months 🙂

    I’m sure everything will change for the better by the time I’ve implemented all my plans.

    Yes “Tough Times Never Last but Tough People Do” I’m currently reading that book by Robert Schuller, really interesting 🙂

Robin Khokhar - March 31, 2016

Hi Theodore,
I got to your Blog through Enstines Blog. I read about you own his blog. And I must say that you were going through a kind of struggle that every blogger has to go. But never mind you are back and you will surely make it this time.
Moreover, I liked this post of your and will be subscribing you for further updates.

    Theodore Nwangene - April 3, 2016

    Good to have you here Robin,
    And thanks for the words of encouragement, its good to know you 🙂 and i will be checking out your blog too.

    Hope to see you here more often.

Joy Healey - March 31, 2016

Hi Theodore,

Not sure if we connected before but Enstine’s recommendation is good enough for me – so welcome back 🙂

Your blog sure looks in good shape to say you’ve had such a break from it.

Just a couple of months ago I wasn’t far from quitting blogging because I was having so many technical problems after being hacked – yet again – that I had just had enough. I’m a part-time blogger and was spending more time fighting my blog than writing and promoting it 🙁

Fortunately Adrienne and Enstine were good friends to me through this time and helped me through it.

My blog has changed direction a bit over the last few weeks (for the best of reasons) but it’s still here and things are looking rosy again.

It’s great that you used your time away so wisely and I look forward to learning more from your blog in the future.

Joy Healey – Blogging After Dark

    Theodore Nwangene - April 3, 2016

    Welcome to TBC Joy,

    I read your comment on Enstine’s post and yes, i guess we’ve connected before but can’t remember where 🙂

    Its good to have supportive friends so they can always help to motivate and assist you whenever necessary and Enstine and Adrienne are indeed two wonderful people to have as friends. I’ve never regretted knowing them.

    I’ve also been hacked before (Not Once) and i must tell you that it wasn’t a sweet experience at all so, i can very well relate to that :).

    Its good to hear that you’re blog is moving on the right direction at the moment and I’m sure it will continue being like that.

    Lets learn from each other.

    Happy Sunday.

ikechi - March 31, 2016

Hi Theodore

I am meeting you for the first time bro and I read your story through Enstine’s blog.

You have gone though a lot and I know what it feels like to pursue your studies and blog. The challenges you faced have made you stronger but the awesome thing is that you are back with lots of inspiration for us.

Looking forward to your updates . Thanks for sharing.

    Theodore Nwangene - April 3, 2016

    Hey big bro,

    Thanks for the kind words. Studying and blogging is indeed a very daunting task especially in a country like Nigeria. I’m happy to meet you bro and I’m sure i will meet you in person soon 🙂

    Thanks for the visit.

Monna Ellithorpe - March 31, 2016

Hi Theodore,

I came to visit from Enstine’s blog and see what you are up to. You have peaked my interest and I am so very curious as to what you will be sharing as time goes on

Good to have you back.

    Theodore Nwangene - April 3, 2016

    Good to have you here Monna,
    Yes, i saw your comment on Enstine’s blog and I’m happy for your visit to my blog. I sure have a lot to show you here so please, do stick around 🙂

    Enjoy your weekend.

Aniket - April 1, 2016

I am seeing you first time..
Read your thoughts..
Its happens sometime bro…
Happy to see you again on your place..
keep it up

bosstechy - April 2, 2016

Hi Theodore,

Welcome back.. I read about how you almost quit blogging on enstinemuki’s blog, so i decided to stumble here and give you a small piece of advise.

Thank God you’re a fellow Nigerian like me and I understand your frustrations… my advise to you is to work diligently and God will surely reward your efforts someday.


Abid Bhatti - April 4, 2016

Hi Theodore,
I do believe it is quite hard to do, but you need to keep going unless succeed. Never lose hope, keep the hard work done. It’s help you… May God be with you.

Raphael Udonna - April 7, 2016

Hello Theodore,

Your story is really touching. I’m sorry you had to go through all of that… but i’m happy you’ve bounced back up and even stronger.

We’ll be looking out for the lost you have in store for us.

Mark - April 8, 2016


Awesome post, I just landed here from enstine blog and seems like you are on your track now. Very helpful tips though.

Thanks for sharing.

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Arumugam Rangasamy - March 1, 2017

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