Blogging is Dead and Buried: Why You Should Stop Blogging Today (What to Do Instead If You’re Struggling)

Blogging is Dead and Buried

Yes, you read that headline right, and it wasn’t a mistake at all. The truth is that you need to stop blogging now.

You may think it’s weird to use the word “dead” for blogging, but I can’t think of a suitable word to replace it as far as this post is concerned.

The main reason why most people usually fail in the blogosphere is because they wasted their time on pointless activities that failed to provide their desired result: more traffic……more leads……more money.

So tell me:

Are you worried that the same thing might happen to you or, are you already experiencing similar problem?

Are you scared that you may end up wasting your time on the pointless hokum “fake blogging experts” shill as advice?

If you answered yes to any of these then, you’re in luck because I’ve got your back covered on this post. Just read on.

Why You Need To Stop Blogging Now

Ever since I learned what I would be sharing with you on this post, I’ve been on rampage (Telling everyone who cares to listen about it), and my advice to you now is this…..

If you want to make real money and have your own business with the help of the internet then, you should stop blogging immediately because it might not get you anywhere.

Think of this:

How many blog posts have you written on your blog since you started?

How often do you publish new and epic posts on your blog?

What are your total daily and monthly visitors?

I’m sure the answers to these questions will get you bewildered somehow because it might be nothing to write home about like mine was within my first two years of blogging before I decided to throw my laptop in the trash and move to the wilderness, you sure know what I mean.

According to statistics, there are over 164 million blogs on the internet today with lots of new ones being created on daily basis. The funny thing is that most of them are also being abandoned as soon as they’re built. Why? Because the users failed to understand that blogging is dead and gone.

Being called a blogger even irritates me today because of the way I currently see it which I will explain. So with all that out of the way, let’s now get to the meaty part of the post starting with an important question.

Who Is A Blogger?

A blogger? Alas No, it’s not what you’ve known all these while.

About.com said that a blogger is someone who writes contents for a blog however, I think David Risley has a better way to explain this, take a look at the screenshot below:

Why Today Is The Day You Should Stop Blogging Blog Marketing Academy

I’m sure after reading what David said below, you will think twice before answering a blogger next time. This is because if I’m right, you want to make good money from your blog other than those vanity metrics.

Note: I’m not against having lots of social shares, tweets and comments, these metrics are very important too. They show that your readers are truly liking and engaging with your posts and if you do things well, you will be building a thriving community with that which also serves as social proof.

Got that?

Check out blogs like matthewwoodward.co.uk, Adriennesmith.net, aha-now.com, basicblogtips.com, successfulblogging.com, Enstinemuki.com and even Neil Patels quicksprout.com.These blogs has built a healthy and active community on their blogs using comments

If you check out their blog posts, you will also notice that they always have lots of shares each time they hit the publish button.

But the difference between these guys and a normal blogger is that they don’t depend on those metrics. They have a business which they’re marketing through their blog.

Their blog is like a general office for their business. So the bottom line is that you shouldn’t just see those vanity metrics as a big deal because they do not equate to cash.

I used to feel very happy and high whenever my friends calls me “Blogger” but that changed after I finished carrying out some research on that topic recently. Even Jon Morrow, Carol Tice and many other successful marketers and writers no longer value it.

Remember, I didn’t change my mind-set about blogging just because of what these people said, I no longer follow trend, I was already having some doubts about that word “Blogging” which was why I started researching on it in the first place.

They only proved me right. I always like to be realistic, and the idea came after looking at the fact that I’ve been blogging since 2011 without any significant thing to show for it until now.

Let’s see what Jon Morrow said about blogging.

Why I Quit Blogging and What to Do If You re Struggling Guest Blogging

Carol Tice also has something to say:

Why You Should Stop Writing Blog Posts and What to Do Instead


Let’s see Derek Helperm’s point of view as well:

Why Bloggers Fail Social Triggers

I understand that all the advice above might go contrary to what some of the fake experts have told you before, but four people cannot possibly be wrong at the same time, right?

Now come to think of it….

How many times have you implemented what those people asked you to do and it didn’t work, and you then feel like, “what’s wrong”? And finally, you assume that maybe you’re doing something wrong, but you can’t place your hands on it.

It has also happened to me on several occasions until I learned that “not every advice and tips on the internet works exactly the way they are.”

After going through most of the tips and tricks out there, it will be wise for you to analyze and filter everything and then, see how you can modify and personalize them to suit your need and condition.

Implementing everything you read online exactly the way they are will often not work because certain tips usually work under certain circumstances.

For example, one of the most popular advises that dominated the internet some years ago and even today is…

Follow Your Passion:

Now if you ask me, I will tell you that it is a freaking bad advice today. This is because following your passion does not always work. What if your passion is not a profitable one? What if people are not really much interested in it? Are you going to create your own audience from scratch? I’m sure you know it will be impossible; you’ll just fail even before you started.

Following your passion may sound logical but the truth is that it makes no sense. If you follow your passion most times, you’ll certainly not succeed unless your passion is one that is profitable and already has an audience.

In one of his posts, Mark Cuban also advised that you should not follow your passion but instead, follow your effort.

If all you do whenever you want to build a new business is to follow your passion and go for all the various tips out there to create a popular blog then, you may soon encounter the grass ceiling of the blogosphere.

You might end up getting some exposure but apparently, you will hit an invisible wall and won’t know which way to go again which will eventually lead you to call it a quit. This is because of the fact that blogging is dead, and you need to stop doing it now.

Sound familiar?

According to Social Triggers, “The lack of result can demotivate even the MOST AMBITIOUS individual” Which means that the more time you spend working on something without reward, the harder it will be to continue doing it, and that’s why most bloggers fail.

I know you started your business with good intentions like everyone else, but if you don’t do things in the right order, you’ll soon fall off the beaten part after you don’t get what you hoped for.

So what’s the solution?

Stop Blogging and Start Content Marketing Instead

You need to stop blogging right now and focus on content marketing instead.

I understand that this may sound kind of funny because blogging and content marketing always seems to be the same thing but the truth is that they’re totally two different things that work hand in hand.

When it comes to blogging, you start with the blog and what do you do next? Well, you blog and blog and blog after which you will try to somehow fit some kind of revenue generation model on your blog. You will usually go for Google adsense, placing of banner ads, etc.

However, with content marketing, you first begin with a business. After all, the word “marketing” immediately means you have something there to sell right? Then, you utilize content to build connection and audience, earn trust, get leads and then market your products and services (business) to them.

Blogging and content marketing isn’t just a synonym. It is a completely different origination point arriving at the same medium.

In what most people (especially the newbies) understood as blogging, you start your blog and start blogging off your ass whereas a good content marketer has a business and starts a blog to market it. They both share the same angle but an entirely different viewpoint.

There are many things that differentiate an average blogger from a content marketer:

1. Bloggers create a ton of content upon contents and will beat themselves up if they’ve gone a little while without posting anything.

This usually makes them to be consistently producing mediocre articles in a quest to maintain posting frequency but as for good content marketers, they only post when they have a reason to and when they have something meaningful and valuable to say which equally ensures that they always produce top notch and mind blowing articles.

Now, you need to understand that mediocre contents no longer have a place on the internet. In 2004 backward, any article is good enough to be read and admired but today, it has changed. There are lots of contents being published every day, and if yours is not good enough to get attention, it will be a failure.

In 2005, Technorati estimated 7.8 million blogs on the internet and in 2006, Netcraft estimated there were more than 100 million sites now; consider how many they will be today. That’s the more reason why you should always aim for quality and not quantity.

Check out the screenshot below:

The 80 20 Rule for Building a Blog Audience Social Triggers2. Bloggers usually spend 80% of their time writing new blog posts while using the remaining 20% to promote the post. Content marketers spend 20% of their time writing the post and use the other 80% promoting it.

Listen let me give you a shocker, it’s not all about churning out lots and lots of contents all the time, the most important thing is to also try to put out those contents in front of the right people so that it will be useful to both you and them.

3. Bloggers prefer publishing all their articles on their own blog when starting out while content marketers prefers to publish less on their own blog and more on other peoples blogs. These are the people that already have a sizable audience and authority that will help them to promote the heck out of their own blog.

A good content marketer is aware that publishing many contents on his blog initially is a total waste of time because no one knows a shit about him.

4. All bloggers care about is to ensure they keep updating their blog with fresh contents every time, it does not matter what type of content they publish, the most important thing is let there always be a new post after all “Content is King.”

Alas No, not any content.

On the other hand, content marketers always publish the right type of contents. They don’t just hit the publish button and hope for magic to happen, every piece of article they published has a goal and most often, the content will achieve this aim.

I know that after reading all these, you will be asking so, what’s the best way to go about it? That’s exactly what I will tell you next:

Want To Succeed? Surround Yourself With Smart Bloggers

Oh yes, you need them to succeed, you need them to become famous so what you should do now is to start connecting to those bloggers who have already acquired lots of audience and authority.

Once you make friend with them, every other thing will become easy for you because they will also introduce you to their friends who will equally introduce you to their own friends, got the point?

Jon Morrow also struggled like you to build a blog audience some years ago and like you, he was getting it all wrong initially until he decided to hire Chris Garratt as you can see on the screenshot below:

Why I Quit Blogging and What to Do If You re Struggling

Pointer: I know you might be wondering why I’m always mentioning Jon Morrow since the beginning of this article and here is the reason….. He’s such a smart and intelligent marketer and I’ve learnt a lot from him over the years. I can’t help but mention him whenever necessary. That’s it, end of story.

Back to our post:

You don’t need to hire Chris too as Jon did. Jon hired him because he had no idea what he was doing wrong but on your own case? The problem is already figured out and the solution handed unto you. You just need to take action.

The best and easiest way to build the connection that will fast track the growth of your blog today is through guest blogging.

Yes, guest blogging still works like magic today if done well if not, popular bloggers will not be vouching for it.

Do you know Danny Iny? He’s the guy behind Mirese, formally known as“Firepole marketing” which now generates 7 figures per year.

I’m telling you this because it was through guest posting that he build his blog. According to him, he wrote over “80 guest posts in his first year to take his blog from 0 to 23,000 visitors per month”. Does that not interest you?

Recently, a blogger named Giles Thomas was also able to generate 408 subscribers from a single guest post. Are you still with me?

The truth is that I’ve never seen any other method of building connections with popular bloggers that is as effective as guest blogging.

The good thing is that it will not cost you anything other than your time and your ability to create good and compelling contents to publish your guest posts on these sites.

You just need to prove to them that you’re good at what you do, and once they like your work, they will never leave you alone until you become successful. Ask Henneke about this if you’re still in doubt.

When the guys at Groove HQ started blogging, they generated thousands of visitors by writing multiple guest posts on big name blogs including Buffer, Shopify, Kissmetrics, OnStartups, AngelHack, etc.

Blogging is dead

They later confirmed that:

There’s no faster or cheaper way to reach massive audiences in any niche than guest blogging. By leveraging existing audiences in a way that delivers value, you create opportunities for exponential growth….. Groovehq.com.

Famous blogger Neil Patel also stated that…..“Guest posting can give you fame and fortune if done well”.

The point is that you should learn to publish more posts on other blogs and less on your blog when you’re starting out and do not have a sizable audience.

This advice is not only meant for new bloggers, if you’ve been blogging for so long but not getting your desired results which could be on Income or Traffic then, you should also do this.

Also, each blog post you write both for your blog and for other blogs should be of higher quality. When I started blogging newly, I can seat down and write blog posts within 2 hours.

I use to publish twice per week on this blog, and that was on Mondays and Thursdays and all the articles I publishes only takes nothing more than two hours to write. But today, it takes me up to 20 hours plus to write a single blog post.

This is because I now carry out a proper research before writing any post and these studies takes me lots of time.

This helps to ensure that everything I write will be well received each time.


If you’ve been struggling to build a fruitful and popular blog, it’s not because you’re a bad blogger…. It’s because you’re doing it all alone following the wrong steps. What you should do now is stop blogging.

I want you to understand that blogging is dead and buried.

You need to develop the content marketers mindset and start connecting with popular bloggers using great contents.

Getting your blog off the ground is not all about learning yet another traffic or monetization strategy on the internet. It’s about surrounding yourself with powerful and smart people who can support you, and the best way I know to do that is via guest blogging.

Start small and then take it up from there soon, your name will also appear in the Guinness Book of Record.

Finally, I want you to leave me a comment and tell me who your role model in the blogosphere is; tell me which blogger you will love to connect with first and which blogs you will like to submit your guest posts on.

I’ll be waiting for you there.

Theodore Nwangene

Theodore Nwangene is a full time Blogger and Freelance writer. He is the founder of many businesses among which is Top Blogging Coach where he teaches young and would be Entrepreneurs how to create a lasting Internet Business and quit their daily work. Visit his blog and learn many ways you can improve your blogging experience. Connect with him on Twitter and on Facebook.

Emmanuel - April 11, 2016

Hello Theodore, I do think you owe me supper. I have been so much engrossed in this lovely post of yours that my soup has turned cold. Hahaha!

Can I add this? No, let me arrest my case before I turn this post into a mini-post.
Being a smart blogger is what makes the difference.

    Theodore Nwangene - April 12, 2016

    I would have love that mini post Emmanuel,

    Lol, just kidding. Being a smart blogger is really what makes the difference, couldn’t have agreed more.

    Thanks commenting.

    BTW: Sorry for the cold food, hope you have a microwave 🙂

Akaahan Terungwa - April 12, 2016

Hi Theodore,

I so love this entry of yours.


It is because, it addresses a very fundamental question relating to blogging today. The truth is that, a blog is not a business – rather, it is a platform used to promote a business…as simple as that.

Once you get this straight, the sky itself will be your starting point. Seriously.

Do make the day great – and keep up with the super awesome tips about blogging and running a super productive blog.

Do make the day great!

Akaahan Terungwa

    Theodore Nwangene - April 12, 2016

    I’m glad you agreed with me Akaahan,
    Blog is never a business and that’s where most people usually get it all wrong. Thanks for stopping by man.

Shantanu Sinha - April 12, 2016

Hello Theodore Nwangene,

This very much up to the point.
Indeed there many bloggers, who are starving right now. Why because they don’t know what
to do and how to promote their business.They think that just keep on blogging, is the main
business, rather blogging is a platform where you support your business.

There many of newbies blogger who just started blogging the same day, and also stop their
own site the same day, thus this could be held as, blogging is dead by now, those who
fail to understand the term.

Thanks for sharing this among us.
Shantanu sinha

Adrienne - April 12, 2016

Hey Theodore,

I wrote a post recently that said how you could be successful by doing it your own way. So I’m going to respond to your post with this in mind.

I’m aware that we all have differences of opinions and that’s what makes us who we are. So I’m going to have to disagree with your opinion here even though you have David, Jon and Derek all sharing their points of view on this as well.

I think it all stems back to who you are learning from because we are all taught things differently. I personally think blogging and content marketing are one in the same, the problem is that how you do things changes and if you don’t change with things then you will continue to not do well. It’s what I’ve been teaching since last summer but people can’t wrap their brains around it.

Blogging is nowhere near being dead and I’m actually very proud to call myself a blogger. You are right though, blogging isn’t my business, it’s the tool I use to get business. That’s where SO many people go wrong but they have it embedded in their brains that I’m wrong and they’re right. You can’t help someone who isn’t willing to help themselves.

Nothing stays the same, that’s just life and the same goes for the way things are done online. You either learn from someone who is where you want to be or keep struggling. It’s really up to each individual but my heart goes out to those who aren’t willing to be open to change.

I’m glad you’re on the right path Theodore and I appreciate the mention. Blogging isn’t dead but it sure as heck is changing. 😉


    Theodore Nwangene - April 15, 2016

    A very lovely comment Adrienne,

    I perfectly understand where you’re coming from but if you view it thoroughly, you will see that we’re still arriving at the same place but via a different route.

    Yes as someone that blogs, you can be addressed to as a blogger but that name “Blogging” usually enters into the head of some of us and that way, all we think about is that the blogging itself is the business whereas it’s only our marketing channel. Yes its obvious that you love blogging but believe me if I tell you that you would have quit like others if you do not have a business around it. If you only blogs and hoping for it to make you money.

    Now, blogging might not be dead like you said but blogging without a good business around it is dead and that’s the changes we’re talking about.

    Thanks for this wonderful comment and do enjoy your weekend.

    BTW: Hope you’re new project is going well?

Mark - April 12, 2016


Just landed here from Onenaijablog And I guess you are back with another killer post. I love your way of sharing case studies which makes your post more interesting. You would have earned awesome money thru your writings instead of listing the blog at flippa 😛

Anyway don’t try to list on flippa now 😀

Shaun - April 13, 2016

Awesome advice on stop blogging. I truly agree with your pints about content marketers. They earn more revenue than a blogger and spend less time in creating content than a blogger. Thanks for sharing these useful tip.

Kim Willis - April 15, 2016

Fabulous post, Theodore

Blogging for the sake of blogging is a waste of time and energy.

Likewise for following your passion. Does it help if blogger marketers are passionate about the topic? Of course. But passion without commercial sense and a profit pulling game plan only ensures that money will not be made.

I don’t necessarily want to be known as a blogger. I am a marketer and proud of it. Sure my blog is in the marketing mix, but it is simply a means to an end, not an end in itself.

I like the way you put it here:

“Stop Blogging and Start Content Marketing Instead”

You are exactly right.

Blogging for the sake of blogging is a dumb idea. I – like you – blog because I already have a business and use the blog to promote the business. The blog is simply a way to educate an audience about the business. It also acts as an entry point into my sales funnel.

Being in the business of blogging doesn’t make a lot of sense to me.

In reference to posting frequency, I’m aware of Derek Halpern’s approach, and to be honest, I’m not a fan. For me, and many other successful marketers, a regular post every week or so is the way to go. And certainly, the daily blog post method makes no sense at all.

Should a marketer have a blog? I believe so. It’s a wonderful way to establish authority and boost conversions.I didn’t start my first blog for traffic reasons – I was already getting traffic and leads from other sources. For me, it was always about authority and conversions.

Marketers often lack clarity and an effective game plan. Your article will help them gain clarity about the best way forward.

Thanks a lot


    Theodore Nwangene - April 15, 2016

    Hello Kim,

    This is indeed a very interesting addition to the post. Blogging in the name of blogging is indeed a dumb idea as you said and according to Neil Patel, your blog is your most valuable marketing channel.

    But I’m afraid that most people usually see their blogs as the business itself. Like you, I don’t want to be known as a blogger but rather, a marketer and that’s how it should be.

    Talking of posting frequency, I’m not really against posting regularly (Maybe I should have made it clear in the post). My point is that everything you post should be of higher quality. If you know you have the power and skill to be posting every day, that’s not a bad idea provided you won’t be compromising quality over quantity.

    Thanks a lot for the input Kim and do enjoy your weekend.

Mikki - April 15, 2016

Remarkable! Its really amazing paragraph, I have got much clear idea regarding from this post.

Kurt Kummerer - April 18, 2016


Great piece of content here.

Follow your passion is the biggest waste of time. Not to completely echo what Kim has already said.

Do you think Mark Cuban bought the Dallas Mavericks because he is passionate about basketball? Ah no. He bought the Dallas Mavericks due to how profitable a business it is.

Sure he may like basketball and be a fan, but that is not a reason to do something.

In my opinion content marketing and blogging are synonymous in that they both accomplish the same goal. Trouble is the perception is different.

Blogging is perceived as what someone does to rant, or vent about themselves or something they do for fun. Whereas, content marketing is a strategy a business uses to grow their business.

As for what should your content marketing look like?

It depends on your target market – people whose problems you’re trying to solve.

Do they like long form, informational content?
Do they prefer short, easily scannable content?
Do they like video?

Find out what they want and give it to them when they want it.

Thanks for sharing as I know you put a lot into this for us.


Theodore Nwangene - April 18, 2016

Thanks a lot Kurt,

I’m happy you agreed with my points. Following your passion is now bad idea and anyone who’s still believing in that principle is mistaken.

Except your passion is a profitable one, you will be wasting your time.

Thanks a lot for contributing to the post, i really appreciate the visit.

Sakshi - April 19, 2016

I don’t think that blogging is dead. The thing is that the way we used to describe blogging in the past has changed over the years as a result of various updates.

Blogging isn’t dead, in my opinion, as it is just evolving.

Sohaib khalid - April 23, 2016

Helloe Theodore

Very nice and well explained material. Thanks

I started blogging two years back when I got failed at one of my business venture, infact I wanted to share my experiences regarding that business to the large number of audiance who wanted to start the same business and while searching on google,I came to know about this platform “blogging” , I wrote my first article “garment retail franchise business” and published after creating my blog. Then with the passage of time, I keep on learning what blogging is all about, I really want yo thank Hassan , Mustafa, Harsh and Neil whose blogs bloggingehow, mybolggertricks, shoutmeloud and neilpatel helped me a lot and till today this learning process is continued, even I reached at your blog through shoutmeloud and got this great stuff.

Now a days I am working to write guest posts to earn more exposure for my blogs, can you know any blog with niche bussiness apparel/fashion merchandising and education which accept guest blogging. I would be very thankful.

HMS Khalid

    Theodore Nwangene - April 24, 2016

    Hello Khalid,

    Thanks a lot for visiting my blog, I really appreciate that. Blogging is not too difficult even though you can’t make money from it overnight but, If you stick longer to it and do everything well, it will surely pay off at the end.

    Neil and Harsh are good people and i always enjoy everything they write on their blogs 🙂

    Coming to guest blogging, its a nice way to gain lots of exposure and i will encourage you to take it very serious. With a little search on Google, you should be able to get the blogs in your niche that accepts guest posts. Using terms like (Fashion Blogs “Guest Posts”)

    Thanks for coming.

Issac paul - May 6, 2016

Hey Theodore,
Awesome post buddy, that’s some real cool information shared here ! Loved the way you wrote them 😉 ! Keep blogging buddy 😉 🙂

Issac paul

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Ravinder Dande - May 14, 2016

You’re right Most of newbies are blogging in wrong way they are wasting lot of time creating new content even its not necessary but they should share what they have written not keep writing what they have more for zero readers.

Raphael Udonna - May 16, 2016

Hello Theodore,

Blogging is dead? Fallacy!

Blogging is not a business? Well, That’s how you choose to look at it.

Having read through the details of this article, i would like to say that there is no ‘exact’ way to do it right, many people have put out quality content as this, yet they still bowed out of the game.

I believe in following your passion, when effort and every other thing fails you, your passion would keep you going.

You did a great job bro, Keep it up

    Theodore Nwangene - May 19, 2016

    Welcome to my blog Ugonna,
    I really agreed with all you said here. Remember, its not just about creating great contents, there is more to it. If you create great content and failed to get it in front of the right people, it will fail and that’s where those other people you mentioned failed at.

    Following your passion is not bad but that’s when that passion of yours is saleable. Yes, there’s no exact way to go about it but, they’re some proven strategies and if you can find out why they worked, they will certainly work for you as well.

    Thanks for sharing this wonderful opinion of yours with us.

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Aarav Infotech - May 23, 2016

Yes! very useful post this is. Thanks for your update, i also prefer that kind of post.

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Lisa Sicard - May 31, 2016

Theodore, loved this post! I really didn’t understand the difference between a blogger and content marketer. I knew I needed to promote more and post less but this really explained why and a little how. I really enjoy the networking and promoting too and get hung up on the all the writing. I just have to figure out the what to sell besides an eBook. Something I’ve pondered for years.
I also have gotten away from guest blogging so it is something I will start rethinking this week, thank you so much!

    Theodore Nwangene - June 25, 2016

    Hello Lisa,
    I really appreciate your visit, its been a looong time 🙂

    I’m also glad you agreed with my points here. We really need to change our mindset towards this blogging of a thing and get down on business. It’s no like it used to be those days and we have to start being realistic.

    Yea, guest blogging is very necessary and you’ve really got to start it once again 🙂

    Thanks for coming.

David - June 4, 2016

There are many blogs on the Internet and keep growing. The change of getting higher on search engine and have more traffic is low. Many competitors out there. Blogging is a general concept, not only say about writing a blog in blogging niche.

I have been writing blogs to promote for affiliate programs about two years. There is nothing to complaint.

Joseph Chikeleze - June 14, 2016

Your said it all. Blogging is dead – its dead indeed.

Blogging and content marketing are two sides of a coin. The difference between the two job is clear.

I love it when you Claire’s the air about content creation. Bloggers spends 90% on content creation – unlike internet marketers.

I will save this post for future reference.

Have a nice day boss. Its your boy, Ybholy

    Theodore Nwangene - June 25, 2016

    Oh my God,
    I never knew your name is Chikezie and, sorry for my late reply, have been sooooo busy. Yea, blogging in the sense of blogging is long dead and I’m happy you agreed with my points. Thanks for coming boss 🙂

Saurav Kumar Nayak - June 21, 2016

Hi Theodore,
You words are very rude but straight and to the point.
It was no surprising figures your pointed that over billions of are there a lot more are being created every day. It is fact that not every Blog can be successful.
In start of Blogging people are excited and energetic but after some time they kind of struck somewhere. They either quit it or lessen it.
I do not follow your all point. Blogging isn’t all dead man. If you are in this business then you have to keep patience.

Although I agree to your point that Content Marketing is more fruitful than Blogging, If you want to earn more money & if you have the calibre to deliver your idea wonderfully in writing.

Thanks for sharing with us,

With regards,

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Sakura vietnam - September 6, 2016

Hello Theodore,
It seems a long post but I appreciate it cause your helpful advise and your knowledge. The one I like most is the differences between blogging and content marketing. It’s so great. Thank for sharring.

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Emmanuel Ekanem - June 17, 2017

Going through this article, make me get your fact about blogging being dead.

Like you rightly said, Bloggers spend more time writing new blog posts and less promoting it.

It should be noted that having a blog does not mean you have a business, you need to have what to market in that blog, which will now turn it into a business.

I agree with you on the fact of writing more guest posts, than writing more on your blog. To me the scale should be 70:30, 70 percent of guest posts and 30 of blog post. The power of guest posting should not be taken for granted.


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