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Blogging/Writing Literacy: Why the Shortest Biro is Always Better than the Longest Memory

writing literacy

I’m sure you must have heard before that “the shortest biro is better than the longest word” but, do you truly understand the actual meaning of it and do you agree? For me, I’ve heard it more than a thousand times and I know it’s true. I decided to use the longest memory instead of the longest word here […]

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Attention! Why It’s a Waste of Time to Help People that Do Not Deserve Your Help

Help People

2013 is almost ending :), Hope you’ve started making plans on how to make 2014 successful, you should :). I want to talk of something interesting today and, i know that you might disagree with me on this one but, I’m certain of everything i will be saying here today. I’m sure the headline has […]

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